How to Prevent Volunteer Burnout

Working as a volunteer is not easy. You will be faced with several responsibilities once you step into the country you have chosen to volunteer to. Depending on the location, the situation can range from bad to worst. Although there are many exciting possibilities and rewards that come with your decision to volunteer overseas, the challenges are undeniably present. In some cases, there is a shortage in volunteers prompting others to take on more job than they can handle. This could result in a case called volunteer burnout. It is a serious problem and one that must be addressed or the consequences can be dire.

Volunteer Overseas

If you find yourself suffering from volunteer burnout while in Thailand travel, or want to help someone who is, there are steps you can take to reverse that.

Always Aim to Reconnect

This role often falls on the shoulders of the volunteer coordinator or program organizer. They need to constantly keep in touch with volunteers and reconnect in more ways other than the purpose of volunteering. In some cases, when people travel to Thailand or join volunteer overseas projects, they become overwhelmed. It is important to constantly be reminded that you are making a difference. This is true with volunteers who are given administrative type of tasks. The lack of human touch and connection can make them feel not connected at all, or inefficient at their job. A simple compliment or gesture can go a long way in making others feel like their efforts do matter.

Stay Away from Emotional Roles

If you are one to be easily affected, you might want to avoid taking on roles for volunteer in Thailand that is draining, emotionally-speaking. For example, you would not want to become volunteers of orphaned children or those families without homes. As much as you want to help out their situation, seeing their state can emotionally drain you. This could alter your emotional and mental psyche. While someone must be tough enough to do it, acknowledge your weakness when it comes to these matters. If you find yourself too immersed in the situation, you won’t be able to offer much help to them. However, it isn’t a completely bad idea to acknowledge that you are having difficulties.

Take a Break

No matter how committed you might be with helping the locals as you embark on a volunteer Thailand project, it is important to give yourself a break. It could just be a day or two. Try not to think of anything related to volunteering whatsoever. Give yourself a chance to refresh itself. You won’t realize just how big of a benefit this small break can make to you until you take one. It will be good for your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Give Rewards or Recognition

It is important to appreciate or give notice to the efforts made by people who volunteer overseas. This is not to say that all of these people want to be acknowledged. However, it is a nice gesture to let them know that they are part of something valuable and meaningful. There is no need to give a gift – a simple recognition will boost anyone’s spirit and morale.

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