Gold Coast Airport Car Hire Facilities Get A Boost With Ongoing Airport Re-Development

The airport authority in the Gold Coast had been trying to bring in a lot of improvements in the airport infrastructure and features since the last year. After appealing to the Australian government, the government approved the developments this year, and announced this on the 12th of February on its website. A lot of developments have been started at the Gold Coast airport, and by 2017 the re-development will be completed.  The airport is preparing for the number of passengers growth from 6 million per year at present to 16.3 million by 2031. This will increase a lot of pressure on the air traffic, air terminals, and the airport car parking, and the Gold Coast airport car hire facilities altogether.

gold coast airport car hire

Things which will be added to the Gold Coast Airport as re-development

To gear up for the future, the airport is being restructured with the addition of several more features and space. The proposed additions are double-sized air terminus, expansion of apron for accommodating 4 aerobridges and 5 aircraft stands. The expansion will also include increased transport facilities on the ground, more area for taxis and car hire, and a nice area covered for accommodating the minibuses, coaches and limousines.

For increasing customer support and passenger comfort, only increasing the flight frequencies and flight numbers will not help. The airport must also increase the main communicating factor, which means the ground transport facility support. Passengers need to come to the airport and park freely, or deport from the airport by getting an easy airport car hire service. If they don’t get these facilities, they will not be comfortable at the airport.

That is why increasing the parking zone and space at the gold coast airport to accommodate the huge number of private cars and taxis, limousines and luxury car, etc. is being done. This will make availing Gold Coast airport car hire facilities and car parking facilities easier, and the huge parking area will let passengers keep their cars for short or long term without having to look elsewhere for parking.

The facilities already available at the Gold Coast airport car parking

Already the car parking zone in the Gold Coast airport has 3 separate zones, and all are really in close proximity to the airport, thus making it an easy walk to the terminus. The 3 parking lots in the airport can accommodate almost 2000 cars at a time, which makes it really easy for the taxis and car rental agencies to bring their cars inside and wait for the passengers who have already booked an airport car hire Gold Coast service.

If you are planning on your trip to the Gold Coast, then you can be sure about a few things. By the end of the year, the airport terminal will be so rich in infrastructure and facilities that the increasing traffic of passengers won’t be disappointed at any point. A huge parking lot and lots of space will ensure all Gold Coast visitors that they won’t have to wait there for their booked car to arrive. With the huge parking available at the airport, the Gold Coast airport car hire facilities will soon be available instantly as cars will be waiting inside the airport parking only.

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