When you set out to explore Sydney, Australia you want to make the most of your trip by experiencing the finest things this beautiful city has to offer. Whether you are taking a few days vacation or a couple weeks on stretch you want to enjoy every moment of your stay. That said, the first priority and perhaps the most crucial thing that will determine the success of your holiday is your choice of accommodation. For most people, their first thought will be to look for a hotel in the middle of the city without knowing that you can get an even better holistic experience by checking into motels in Manly, a suburb just outside the city center.

motels in manly

There is a lot to be desired in Manly motels even though they are just outside Sydney city. Before you go ahead and write-off the whole idea, below are good reasons as to why you should definitely consider booking a motel in Manly on your next exploration to Sydney, Australia.


Firstly, there is a huge price difference between the best motels in Manly and those in the city center. It goes without saying that you stand to pay much more for accommodation in the city than it is to stay at an out-of-town location. For the most part, the high accommodation rates in the city are due to the inclusivity and ease of access to all social amenities and main attractions in the area.

While hotels in the city center are within close proximity to most attractions, it is quite accessible and cheap as well to get to Sydney from Manly as you can use the jet cat or ferry and you will be in the city in no time.


They say you should never compromise your safety for a dollar, well even paying the highest price will not guarantee you a safe stay especially considering how the city is always flooded with people from all walks of life. The last thing you want on your trip is to lose your luggage, get your wallet stolen or get jacked.

In the outskirts of Sydney however, it is calm and accommodating, you wouldn’t be surprised that most people know each other by name. When you live in such a communal setting you will always feel safe and secured even for an evening walk all alone.

Tranquil Accommodation

Let’s be honest, it can be very frantic staying in Sydney CBD. There is so much commotion, noise and distraction that you wouldn’t enjoy especially if you are in a romantic getaway. Motels Manly has to offer on the other hand provide you a quaint atmosphere with breath taking picturesque sight of the Sydney city. Moreover the breeze from the nearby pristine beaches culminates a beautiful rest place after a busy exploration day.

As you can see, there is a lot more that you can enjoy if you choose to stay in motels in Manly. You will enjoy both an exciting accommodation experience and being at the center of all great activities/attractions in Sydney, Australia. Don’t waste any more time, book yourself in to a Manly motel today and enjoy your holidays!

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