Top volunteering destinations in Thailand

Thailand has always been a hotspot for tourists and travelers. Thailand offers amazing coastlines and picturesque sights. The culture of the country welcomes travelers with delectable cuisines and hospitability that is unparalleled across the Asia Pacific region. Thailand is alluring as it offers adventurous trails, exotic locations and a culture worth exploring. If you are looking forward to volunteer work overseas you should consider Thailand. Taking a gap year from your routine will allow you to help those in need for a full year.


Where would I be volunteering in Thailand?

When it comes volunteer work you can do numerous things in Thailand. The volunteer programs in Thailand can take you to numerous destinations in the country. From Islands to villages in farfetched areas of the wonderful country you could do immense amount of work in your gap year.

You might work in Singburi which is found 142 km away from Bangkok. The town was created in pre historical times when it was formed from three different towns namely Sing Buri, In Buri and Phrom Buri in 1895. The scenic town happens to be right on the bank of The Chao Phraya River. So expect amazing sights when you are volunteering here.

Another location that volunteers often go to work in Thailand is Ko Samet. This also happens to be near Bangkok. What will make this location interesting is that it is an island. This means while you are volunteering here during your gap year, you will be able to enjoy the quintessential Thai beach lifestyle.

You can also work at Mae Sot which is a melting pot of different cultures and languages. Here you can get a taste of Thai, Karen, Burmese and Chinese languages as natives descend from different ethnicities. The town doesn’t has much population. While working here as volunteer remember to visit the curious wildfire sanctuary. The jungle nearby will also attract the adventurer types.

Wang Nam Khiao is another destination where volunteers are needed. It is located right in the middle of Thailand and is renowned for its ecological treasures. You will find many sights here like waterfalls, lush green forests and hills. You can also catch exotic wildlife in the areas surrounding Wang Nam Khiao.  The best part is that you can find most of these in Khao Yai National Park.

Those that love history and want to visit historic places will be delighted that volunteer programs offer you to work in Umphang. This is a pre historical town that offers not only incredible mountain sights and scenery but also insight into traditions and culture that is thousands years old. The town has numerous lakes where you can fish and enjoy memorable boat rides. The area is known to be home for elephants that are common sight for those living in Umphang.

For those willing to volunteer Thailand has much to offer. There are numerous programs that cater to different people and their aspirations to volunteer. All you have to do is select the program, carry out the necessary paperwork for travelling and you can make a real impact in Thailand.

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