Fundamentals of holistic drug rehab programs in Thailand

Have you ever heard of holistic healing? The holistic drug rehab method instructs patients to bring their spirit, body and mind into equilibrium. In the event the person is weak within the mind but strong in body, the holistic approach will target the weakened parts to help patients gather the reserves to stop using drugs or alcohol.

In Thailand, many holistic drug rehab don’t abide by standard models (like Alcoholics Anonymous programs), but instead, focus is on treating the entire person. The idea is to bring the mind, body and spirit into total harmony, as a means to break the cycle of drug addiction.

Is holistic drug rehabilitation in Thailand the right choice?

There are numerous ways that holistic rehab can use to boost a patient’s general wellness beyond their drug abuse problem. To begin with, most holistic drug rehab treatment centers provide all natural organic meals designed to improve physical health while treating nutritional inadequacies brought on by dependency. Moreover, physical activities like swimming or hiking are a crucial part of many courses.

For the body and spirit, a holistic program will offer you meditation exercises and other kinds of alternative psychiatric therapy. At the Next Step Chiang Mai (a holistic drug rehab centre in Thailand), there are also activities for patients that involve team building skills, music, and even animal care therapy.

Indeed, those who are interested in exotic Thailand will do well to consider the Next Step Chiang Mai as the place to battle their drug addiction, The Next Step offers holistic drug treatment with a host of treatment options, in a tranquil setting. While immersed in natural exotic beauty, patients integrate with a healing community and work their way towards sobriety.

Thailand calling: how to choose the best rehab program

If you’re never been to Thailand, consider doing some research to find out why over 20 million people a year come here for holiday, rehab, or some form of life enriching education. To handle substance abuse, it’s really a wise idea to choose a method offering a wide variety of treatment solutions. This is because not all types of therapy will work equally well for all people. People are complex creatures, with extremely diverse backgrounds, mindsets and issues. Holistic drug rehab not only recognises individual uniqueness – it encourages it. That’s why most premium quality holistic rehab clinics will modify treatment options on the fly, to meet the needs of the individual.

When researching drugs rehab options in Thailand, take your time, ask many questions and get a feel for different programs before choosing. Read all of a clinic’s literature, learn about their programs, and find out what customisations are possible. Additionally, find out the costs (in many cases costs for extras may be hidden) and program durations. In general, the longer the program, the better the success rate.

gap year programs

5 Life Lessons You Can Learn from Gap Year Volunteering

If you’re looking for a means to travel the world and give back to the community for your gap year, you can sign up for volunteer work. There are plenty of gap year programs in a variety of fields and in almost every country. Whether you want to be a medical intern in Nepal, an environmental conservationist in Fiji, or an English teaching assistant in Greece, there are several opportunities for you.


gap year programs


Gap year programs can benefit more than just the local community though; it can teach you many important life lessons too. Some of these are:

1. Even the smallest of things can make an impact

Before signing up for a volunteer program, you might be wondering if you can really make a difference. Yes, you actually can! Even if you do something as trivial as reading a book to a child or digging up a well in Gaya India, you are making a difference. You are, after all, building a base for them to further their learning or to improve their way of life.

2. There are numerous things to be grateful for

You’ve probably heard of the phrase “first world problems”. It’s a tag or quip people use to refer to issues only privileged people could complain about. An example is when you complain about lukewarm showers. Once you’ve volunteered in a third-world country, you’ll learn how amazing it is that there’s even a running faucet within a home.

3. Being adaptable makes more memorable experiences

As you would expect from volunteering in places like Bodh Gaya India, you won’t be eating your usual foods or living in Western-style accommodation. You might have to fetch water for bucket showers, sleep on a mat, or eat rice three times a day. Embracing the fact that you’re having such a unique adventure will make it more enriching.

4. Hard work isn’t always about monetary gain

Growing gardens, caring for animals, teaching children, and building homes are things that will take hard work, devotion, and time. However, they are all worth the blood, sweat, and tears in the end. If you only work to make money, you won’t be able to leave the local community with something that will help them in the long-term.

5. No culture is better than another

Whether you’re working in rural healthcare or disaster relief, it can be easy to develop an egotistical or arrogant nature, especially when the culture is very different from what you’re familiar with. You have to realise though that no matter how much money you have your culture is not better than theirs. By changing your mindset, you might even pick up ways you wished were more central in your own culture.

Seeing the many things you can learn, have you prepared yourself to sign up for gap year programs yet? If you are, you should get in touch with the Involvement Volunteers Association or IVI. They are a non-profit organisation that has been around for more than 25 years. They are deeply rooted in volunteerism and not voluntourism so you can be sure that you’ll actually be there to help people and not sightsee.

5 Life Lessons You Can Learn from Gap Year Volunteering

If you’re looking for a means to travel the world and give back to the community for your gap year, you can sign up for volunteer work. There are plenty of gap year programs in a variety of fields and in almost every country. Whether you want to be a medical intern in Nepal, an environmental conservationist in Fiji, or an English teaching assistant in Greece, there are several opportunities for you.

gap year programs


Gap year programs can benefit more than just the local community though; it can teach you many important life lessons too. Some of these are:

1. Even the smallest of things can make an impact

Before signing up for a volunteer program, you might be wondering if you can really make a difference. Yes, you actually can! Even if you do something as trivial as reading a book to a child or digging up a well in Gaya India, you are making a difference. You are, after all, building a base for them to further their learning or to improve their way of life.

2. There are numerous things to be grateful for

You’ve probably heard of the phrase “first world problems”. It’s a tag or quip people use to refer to issues only privileged people could complain about. An example is when you complain about lukewarm showers. Once you’ve volunteered in a third-world country, you’ll learn how amazing it is that there’s even a running faucet within a home.

3. Being adaptable makes more memorable experiences

As you would expect from volunteering in places like Bodh Gaya India, you won’t be eating your usual foods or living in Western-style accommodation. You might have to fetch water for bucket showers, sleep on a mat, or eat rice three times a day. Embracing the fact that you’re having such a unique adventure will make it more enriching.

4. Hard work isn’t always about monetary gain

Growing gardens, caring for animals, teaching children, and building homes are things that will take hard work, devotion, and time. However, they are all worth the blood, sweat, and tears in the end. If you only work to make money, you won’t be able to leave the local community with something that will help them in the long-term.

5. No culture is better than another

Whether you’re working in rural healthcare or disaster relief, it can be easy to develop an egotistical or arrogant nature, especially when the culture is very different from what you’re familiar with. You have to realise though that no matter how much money you have your culture is not better than theirs. By changing your mindset, you might even pick up ways you wished were more central in your own culture.

Seeing the many things you can learn, have you prepared yourself to sign up for gap year programs yet? If you are, you should get in touch with the Involvement Volunteers Association or IVI. They are a non-profit organisation that has been around for more than 25 years. They are deeply rooted in volunteerism and not voluntourism so you can be sure that you’ll actually be there to help people and not sightsee.

Find the best possible accommodation in Sukhumvit

If you are travelling to Bangkok, chances are you need to find a nice and secure place to stay; whether you are visiting for business or pleasure. While Bangkok is quite the tourist’s paradise with a plethora of accommodation and entertainment options, booking a place that does not suit you could take all the fun out of your trip. Depending on your budget, you could choose to stay in some of the more premium areas like Sukhumvit. You can find many different types of accommodation in Sukhumvit. Depending on how much you want to spend, the purpose of your visit and your personal preferences, you can find the one that best meets your needs.


Some of the more popular hotels in Sukhumvit offer easy access from the airport to the hotel as well as from the hotel to different parts of the city. Whether you are a business or leisure traveler, staying in a hotel that is well-connected to the rest of the city, either via underground or via other modes of transport is essential. An accommodation in Sukhumvit should also be comfortable enough to recharge and refresh you after a long day of frenetic sightseeing or business meetings.


If you are trying to decide on an accommodation in Sukhumvit, keep the following factors in mind:


· Location – This is important not just for Bangkok, but anywhere in the world. As mentioned earlier, choose a hotel that is located at a transit node so that you can get to different parts of the city as easily as possible.


· It is also important that a hotel be located in an area that has a sufficient number of local shopping and entertainment options. In other words, if you are interested in the night life of the city, your hotel should be situated close to them. If you plan to shop till you drop, multiple malls within easy walking distance of the hotel are a distinct plus. It is best if the area around the hotel combines many different types of shopping and entertainment choices.


· View – Many hotels in Bangkok pride themselves with the spectacular views of the city skyline that their rooms offer. It goes without saying that it is a good idea to choose a hotel that has premium rooms on higher floors offering great views of the city.


· Dining – The hotel should have more than one restaurant offering different types of dining options. A really good hotel might have one nightclub-style restaurant featuring exotic cocktails on its menu while the other one serves a specific type of cuisine such as Italian.


· Some boutique hotels offer additional facilities like a fully equipped gym on the highest floor where you can work out while enjoying a panoramic view of the city.


· Depending on the season or specific promotions, a hotel may offer complimentary pick-up from the airport. Guests may also avail other promotions such as cheaper upgrades on their room type. It is always a good idea to inquire about ongoing promotions before confirming your booking.

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What You Need to Consider When Hiring Your Conference Venue in Pattaya

Your guest list and invitations are in order. But do you have the right venue to fit your guests and suit your conference needs? Selecting the right venue for a conference can be a nightmare especially if it’s your fist time. The venues for conference Pattaya provides are many and diverse in style, size, location, facilities and cost. Prior to selecting your venue sit and evaluate all your conference needs. What do you intend to achieve from the conference? Is there a particular impression you want to create to the participants? These among other considerations should be made in order to acquire a conference Pattaya venue best fit for you.

They are discussed below:


The conference venue should be located in a convenient and accessible place. The location is quite imperative as it determines the level of attendance. If the attendants have to travel daily to the conference, choose a place near their residence.  This will prevent people from getting lost, late arrivals and failure to attend. Ensure the place is accessible by public mean of transport to make it easy for those using these means. If the guests take flights to and from the conference, get a venue near the airport.

The location speaks volumes about the agenda of the meeting. A conference room locates at a back street community center does not portray the interests of professionals. A location near shopping centers or tourist attractions is betters. The guests can visit these places during their free time.


Look for a conference venue with modern, technologically advanced facilities. Gone are the days when people to carried their own projector, public address system, white boards and stationery. A good venue should provide all these facilities as well as facilities for disabled people. Before you hire the venue, ensure that all the equipment are operational and in good order.

Food and drinks

You need to organize for food and beverages for the guest considering that they will be spending long hours in meetings. Any issues with catering might leave a permanent negative impression about your conference. Consider a hotel that prepares great cuisines. Is it possible to organize special recipes with the chef specifically for your meeting? Are they able to prepare diet restricted meals? Visit the hotel before commencement of the conference and have a glimpse of the type and presentation of food offered by the hotel.


Conference Pattaya venues vary considerably on their charges. These discrepancies arise based on level of services, facilities offered, location, and size of meeting rooms, among other things. The venue you choose should have a cost that is within your budget. Before you even start looking around for the venue, come up with a budget that suits you. This will allow you to make a focused selection. Since you are aware of the kind of place you need, you are less likely to miss out on bookings.

Do not be in a rush when selecting your conference venue. Start planning early so as to have as many options as possible. When selecting the venue always give priority to the interests of your guests. Select a venue that will create a positive impression.


How You and Your Community Can Keep The Beaches Clean on the Memorial Day

Beaches are a fun place to spend time with your family, friends, community and even pets. However, with the recent pollution levels reportedly increased, it has now become crucial to leave less carbon footprint in nature-friendly areas like the beach. The following list helps you steer clear of littering on the beach, by utilizing bin suppliers and other services this Memorial Day weekend and keep your local beaches clean.

Say No To Plastic Bags

With a plethora of carrying options, stay away from any kind of plastic bags. Usually, they fly off when they are not being used or discarded in a proper manner, landing up in the ocean where it could be hazardous for Bay aquatic life. Animals such as seals and turtles who stay close to the shore might consume the plastic, poisoning themselves and their offsprings as well. Try using bins sold by many bin suppliers to throw away your trash and reusable canvas bags that you can store at home and use whenever you need. If you must carry grocery items from your local shop to the beach, choose paper bags instead. You can also locally purchase designer bins from bin suppliers that you can use at home once you are done for the weekend. They can still be considered litter if you leave them behind but they are naturally biodegradable.

Bring A Few Trash Bags

Memorial Day weekends usually see families having picnics or barbecues on the beach. Although you should not carry any grocery plastic bags that may fly off, once you are done for the day, remember to throw all your trash away in trash bins or bags. Leaving behind wrappers or bottles can be unpleasant and unsafe for people who might be visiting the next day. Usually, beaches have designated bins where you can throw your trash away before you leave.


Before you burn logs to build a bonfire, find out whether it is permitted on that particular beach. Most beaches do allow bonfires during certain times of the year. Do not burn any trash in the bonfire because you will be emitting poisonous CO2 in the air or be leaving debris behind. Make sure you build a bonfire that is safe and restricted to one area. Do not light matches near dry grass or any kind of underbrush near the beach. Click here EcoBin

Snacks & Marinated Items

Instead of carrying bags of potato chips or packages of meat in their clear wrap or Styrofoam encasings, place all your edibles in various plastic or rubber containers. This will also ensure that sand stays out of your food since your reusable boxes will have lids. It is also easier to pack up when you are done for the day. You simply have to remember how many boxes you carried and place them back in your reusable beach or canvas bags.


Coolers are a great way to keep you frosty while you are at the beach. However, leaving cans and bottles behind after your picnic will be severely frowned upon by other beachgoers. Make the kids help you collect all soda bottles or cans by turning it into a game. Keep a heavy weight on a garbage bag or a wheelie bin near your picnic spot to throw trash away immediately after using them. If you are using reusable cooler packs, remember to place them back in your cooler before leaving.

For other items, you may need or bin suppliers in your area, you can visit websites like

Enjoying Free Walking Tours: Reasons to Hop On and How to Delight in it to the Max

All these gizmos and gadgets today have somehow ruined the sense of fun and adventure of people today. This is mostly due to the convenient fun digital games and entertainment available. This is the main reason why for your family vacation, you should opt for cradle mountain walking tours. To book cradle mountain walking tours in your locality today is like saying no to a weekend of slouching on the couch and facing your smartphones for the whole day.

If you live in Australia, going on cradle mountain walking tours Australia mountain resorts offer will do you many great benefits. This article tackles the advantages of going on the best cradle mountain walking tours. If you enjoy walking as a hobby, step up your game and take your hobby to explore new, beautiful places. Listed below are several great reasons why you should go on a walking vacation tour with the whole family:

cradle mountain walking tours1

·        A walking holiday is for all fitness levels and age. It doesn’t matter if you’re inexperienced or not, going on cradle mountain walking tours doesn’t need much effort nor expense to do for a family vacation.

·        Unlike lounging in a hotel room or resort for the whole duration of your vacation, you can go back home feeling much healthier and fitter when going on a walking tour. Putting on weight is only the logical consequence of eating and drinking too much when on holiday. Avoid this by burning calories while enjoying a nice weekend off from the busy city streets. Click here ParkTrek

·        You can bond with your friends and family much better with walking tours. Unlike spending vacation time at busy entertainment centers and beaches where there are too many distractions, going on walking tours can let you connect with one another while looking at different scenic landscapes.

·        There is much more time for talking and catching up on each other’s lives and sharing interesting stories during a walking holiday.

·        You don’t need to wait for any particular season opening since walking tours are available all year round.

·        You can set your own pace for the cradle mountain walking tours or decide to camp out if you prefer.

Choosing shoes for your walking tour

Shoes are the number one vehicle you can rely on during walking tours. Make sure you can keep up with your vacation walking tour to the best of your ability with maximum comfort by choosing the right shoes to use. Here are some tips to help you decide on the best shoes for your walking tour:

  1. Running and hiking hobby stores in the malls can give your recommendations on which shoes to wear and use on a particular type of walking tour. Ask for their advice and go for the shoes that fit your tour description whether it’s a mountain climbing, sandy meadow exploring, or a gravel trail walking tour.
  2. Make sure to try on your options by doing different kinds of walks, sprints, or hops. Also, check the degree of impact when the shoe hits the ground. Make sure you’re comfortable with the effect on your feet.
  3. Always remember to break in your shoes before your walking tour and never to wear them on the exact day.
  4. While breaking the shoes in, use them for your long walk practices to see the effect of longer wear.

Crucial role of solar panels in the process of producing electricity

In this fast growing world, there has been an increasing dependence on electricity for your day to day activities. Naturally, this has caused an increase in the demand for electricity. In the normal course, electricity is produced by hydroelectric power, thermal power, wind and by using photovoltaic or solar energy. Among all these different sources, solar energy is considered to be the most ideal renewable and economical source to produce electricity.  The popularity of solar energy is such that in Australia a solar farm is being built in Queensland. For this purpose, huge solar panels Sunshine Coast wide have been set up at select places in the solar farm.

A huge array of solar panels:

This solar farm is designed to produce about 800 megawatts of power sufficient to light about 315000 homes. In short, the farm is capable of supplying about 15% of electricity needs of South East portion of the State of Queensland. The farm will have an estimated 3 million solar panels Sunshine Coast shops sell, covering an area of about 17 kilometers.


As you know unlike the thermal power, electricity produced by using  solar panels from Hush Solar shops sell will not cause any pollution to the atmosphere. Further, the solar panels convert the sunlight into heat and therefore, do not require fuel in any other form. Naturally, this helps in reducing the cost of generating the electrical power. In addition to this, the solar energy is very crucial in reducing the dependence on thermal power.

Energy needs of your home:

At the domestic level, photovoltaic cells using exclusively designed solar panels in Sunshine Coast can be installed at rooftops of your dream home. The electricity produced by these cells will be sufficient to meet the energy needs of the home. The utility of solar energy is such that at the global level the production of electricity by using solar energy has increased by about 33%!

The importance of solar panels:

In the realm of solar energy, the solar panels play a crucial role in the entire process of converting solar power into electrical energy. The solar panels actually contain photovoltaic cells which are capable of converting light into energy. The quantity of electricity produced is directly dependent on the type and the size of the solar panel.

Economical solar panels:

Now manufacturers of solar panels have introduced varieties of cheap solar panels which are capable of producing higher electricity power. Naturally, such panels help in further reducing the production cost of electricity. Like any other solar panel, these economical solar panels are also very low on maintenance. Except for periodical cleaning, these solar panels do not require any other type of maintenance work.

Buy from reputed manufacturers:

You may browse the Internet to find solar panels in Sunshine Coast which are economical, durable and capable of producing more electricity. Normally, the manufacturers of solar panels offer a warranty on the panels. They also undertake to install the solar panels. However, in view of the crucial role played by solar panels in the production of electrical power, you should buy the panels from reputed manufacturers like the Such manufacturers always take care and produce solar panels of superior quality.

Top Four Things to look out for in your Holiday Destination

Let’s face it, holidays can be pricey adventures. Whether you are going solo or as family, for several days or a number of weeks, you can spend many thousands of dollars. Nevertheless, taking time off your normal routines and the usual environment to a far off holiday destination is possibly the best way you can treat yourself and your family. The trick is in finding a place where you will get the best experience out there and the most out of your money. Kangaroo Island offers exactly that. The Kangaroo Island accommodation at Seadragon Lodge, for instance, offers a package that is far beyond the expectations of their visitors. Let’s put into perspective the four major things you should look out for in a holiday destination to make sure that the experience is worth your time and money.


Kangaroo Island accommodation at Seadragon Lodge is a perfect example of what a holiday accommodation should provide. There should be more to your accommodation facility than just the bed, it should have something extra to add on to your fun basket. What amenities do they offer? Do they have a spa where you can get a gentle massage or maybe a swimming pool where you can dive in and cool off after long days of excursions? If you are a fan of the premier league, you might want a place with cable TV so you won’t be left behind by the action. Of great importance when traveling with young kids is the availability of fun facilities for children – perhaps a kid’s pool and club.


Well, one thing you cannot plan for during a vacation is the weather but at least you can make a prediction based on the prevailing season. Is it going to be summer, winter or raining during the time of your travel? This will give you an indication of the kind of clothing to carry. You might also want to consider the weather impact on your health or those traveling with you. The rainy or snowing seasons might not be favorable for little children or people with certain medical conditions such as asthma.


The safety of your holiday destination is something you need not overlook. Research on the current security status of the place. Although it is difficult to correctly predict every eventuality, you might want to check out for any trends of consistent danger. Visit government’s websites for warnings and alerts about specific areas. Also be on the lookout for trends and spikes in crime, civil unrest, health risks and environmental concerns like seasons of high-risk like hurricanes.


Find out the realities of day-to-day life in your travel destination. Also research about the hurdles you might encounter during your stay. One of the important things you might want to consider is the national language. Can you cope in a country where most of the people can’t speak in English? How developed is the country’s infrastructure in terms transportation networks, currency exchange and internet services?

 Kangaroo Island accommodation at Seadragon Lodge is not only worth your money but a great memory to take back home.  Visit us at

Ever Thought About Volunteering Overseas? If So, Bali Is Waiting!

Volunteering is a greatly rewarding activity where you dedicate your time, energy, and effort into helping other people that are less fortunate than you. Volunteering overseas is even more profound as you get to visit communities around the world that need this sort of help the most. One of those communities is Bali.

About Bali

Bali is an island in Indonesia that also doubles up as a province. It’s a great tourist attraction that sees hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to the area every year. Bali has vibrant culture thanks to the deep traditions and customs of the Balinese people, the local cuisine, the friendly locals, the unique mode of dressing, and the predominant Hindu religion. The area also has plenty of tourist attractions such as volcanic mountains, the rice fields, the religious temples, and the beautiful beaches.

Why volunteer in Bali?

As mentioned earlier, volunteering overseas is all about giving back. When you volunteer in Bali, you get to do exactly that. Despite its beauty and culture, Bali is still riddled with poverty with most of the locals hardly managing to get by. As a volunteer, you can help to make the lives of the people of Bali a little less difficult by participating in the different volunteer activities available. As a volunteer Bali will also expose you to a whole different culture and allow you to live as a local in this beautiful part of the world. Check Involvement Volunteers International for more details.

Activities to do in Bali

The activities you will undertake in your time in Bali, Indonesia, are no different from what any other person volunteering overseas does. First, you will get inducted into the local community so that you can learn your way about. Next, you will be taught the local language so that you can communicate with the locals fluently. Once done, you will be assigned different volunteer work in programs such as medical care, child care, teaching, refurbishing and building schools, farming, and carrying out environmental work (cleaning and sanitation). On weekends, you and the rest of the volunteers can engage in some fun activities such as visiting the local Balinese attractions.

How it works

Becoming a volunteer in Bali is simple. First, you will need to find a volunteer group to work with. Involvement Volunteers International (IVI) is a good place to start. You can decide to do this alone or with friends and family. Once you find a credible group to work with, you will be required to apply, usually online. You will provide important details such as your identity, your nationality, languages spoken, any medical conditions you may have and how long you wish to volunteer.

Next, you will need to pay some volunteer fees. These fees will go towards catering to your accommodation, food, and local travel arrangements. The organization you have chosen to partner with will also help you secure a passport, travel ticket, visa, and any other Bali travel documents you may need.

On arrival in the country, someone will pick you up at the airport and take you to the guest house where you will share a room with other volunteers. Once you have settled in, you will wake up the next day and start your volunteer orientation. For more info, visit

Symptoms of Asbestos Exposure You Must Know

You might already know that asbestos can be harmful to your health with prolonged exposure. For this reason, companies that provide asbestos testing Brisbane has to offer can prevent your family from being exposed to this harmful substance. If you live in an old building, there is a huge possibility that the structure is filled with asbestos. You should therefore call for immediate help to ensure that something can be done about the problem.

On the other hand, here are some basic factors you need to know about asbestosis. This is a type of lung disease that results from the inhalation of asbestos fibers that lead to lung scarring. The disease can cause a restriction on your breathing pattern. In most cases, this can be life-threatening when not treated right away. There is nothing more urgent about the possibility of acquiring asbestosis to perform asbestos testing in Brisbane.

Symptoms of Asbestos or Asbestos Exposure

The problem with asbestosis is that the symptoms might not be evident until after several years. Hence, by that time, the asbestos fibers had accumulated in your lungs to the point that the problem is hard to treat. It is therefore important to find Brisbane asbestos testing services to monitor the asbestos levels in your home or property.

The symptoms of asbestos exposure that you should be on the lookout for include shortness of breath, chest pain, loss of appetite, dry cough, and a feeling of tightness in your chest. These symptoms might appear individually or together. Hence, it is important to consult a doctor right away when you exhibit any of these symptoms for early detection. Other more advanced symptoms include hearing a cracking sound when you breathe or difficulty in swallowing.

 Asbestos and Other Health Risks

Aside from developing asbestosis, you should also be aware of other complications that might arise from asbestos exposure. You should not settle for affordable asbestos testing services but choose ones that can completely rid your home of these naturally-occurring minerals.

According to experts, asbestos exposure can increase your chances of developing lung disease, even lung cancer. The most common diseases that could develop from asbestos exposure are scarring or asbestosis, mesothelioma or cancer on the outer lining tissue of the lungs, and pleural disease. Experts believe that it takes a period of 10 to 40 years for the asbestos exposure to develop into cancer. However, a few other lifestyle choices can also contribute to increasing your risk factor. More info at SAES Safe Air Environmental Services.

Hence, you should observe healthy lifestyle choices together with hiring asbestos testing Brisbane companies that eliminate such substances from your home. It should be a comprehensive effort rather than a one-time step. The treatment for asbestos-related disease includes vaccinations, oxygen treatment, cessation from smoking and treatments that are similar to that of lung infection.

Experts also recommend that you work with companies offering asbestos testing Brisbane has to offer on a regular basis. Once you have tested your home and had been able to eliminate asbestos from your home, there is no guarantee that the problem will not recur.


5 Highlights of Touring Cambodia, Vietnam and China

Tourists taking trips to Asia can explore the marvels of human effort and architecture in a couple of ways. They can for instance include a number of key countries in their list of GMS Mekong tours. These include Cambodia, China and Vietnam, where tourism keeps thriving and opening up to the western world.

Cruising along the Mekong River

One can for instance cruise the Mekong River in-between banks of lush green jungle beginning from Vietnam to Cambodia. The Cruise takes you through attractive scenery and floating villages and markets. It offers a somewhat up-close and personal taste of the everyday livelihood of locals along the Mekong.

Gazing at the Great Wall of China

Indeed, the Great Wall of China offers yet another amazing aspect that taking a GMS Mekong tour affords tourists to Asia. It comprises of a series of towers and walls measuring over twenty thousand kilometers in length. Parts of this wall that was built all across northern China to protect its borders against invaders have dates as far back as the 7th century BC. The larger section of the wall got reconstructed within 14th century in the time of Ming Dynasty. All in all, the wall provides an outstanding example of how early mass construction took place. As such, it is easily the most popular attraction in mainland China. Many of its best preserved sections are in fact near main tourist cities and locations. A lot of myths and rumors have been formed around it too.

Unearthing the Terracotta Army

The Terracotta Army is a captivating World Heritage Site of UNESCO of 3rd century BC by date that was buried underneath the ground until its discovery in 1974. The army of more than 8000 soldiers, 520 horses, 130 chariots and 150 cavalry horses still getting uncovered, was buried alongside Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China, as a talisman for protecting him in the afterlife. Numerous weapons of time including crossbows, swords, axes and shields have so far been discovered in the ongoing excavation, along with giant, individually handcrafted warriors.

Exploring the Angkor Wat Temple Complex

Angkor Wat is the largest global temple complex. Originally a Hindu temple built in early of 12th century, this Cambodian landmark is vast and offers a good example of Khmer architecture. Visitors to Cambodia are attracted to the temple, which is not only a feature of the national flag, but has also inspired a large number of movies and novels.

Visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels found in Vietnam comprise a complex sequence of booby trapped underground hideouts, tunnels and rooms. The Viet Cong utilized these during the Vietnam War, being strategic for combat, supply routes, makeshift hospitals communication as well as hiding spots. The undetectable tunnels are very well camouflaged and were an important factor that contributed to military success during the war. These tunnels are today open to tourists and offer great insight into the barely livable conditions which fighters had to endure, at times for days on end.

Asia has a unique place in the globe and enjoys a rich spread of intriguing sites for anyone to tour. Taking an expedition of GMS Mekong tour operators offer is a commendable way of discovering why it has been the focus of ancient heroism, struggle as well as modern achievements and triumphs.

A guide on finding the right holiday apartment in Queenstown

Evercore estimates the global addressable holiday rental market as worth 100 billion dollars with two-thirds of the market “for rent by owner”. Port Douglas in far north Queensland was the best holiday spot to own an investment property with owners estimated to get up to 7.77 % in returns. But what is a holiday rental? Well, it is actually the renting of a furnished apartment or house or a resort-condominium that is professionally managed on a temporary basis to tourists. The holiday apartments Queenstown wide are a popular travel option in Australia and have spread across the world too.

Types of accommodation

The holiday apartments Queenstown has are usually in properties that are privately owned. These include villas, cottages, apartments, condos etc. that have been fully furnished. Also, farm stay is another rental accommodation that is located on a farm. Travelers or people on holiday book holiday homes for a particular period of time. Usually, people are charged on a weekly basis as opposed to hotels where you will have to pay on a night basis. There are holiday houses in Wanaka that fit into many budgets. You will find affordable studio apartments or even lavish private villas that are costly. Also, some come with amazing amenities, including private beaches, chefs, boats and swimming pools. There are camper vans and motor-home rentals as well.

How to get one

The Wanaka holiday houses are usually arranged either directly by the owner or by contacting an agency over the Internet. While many owners have their own websites, most also use listing services that provide property information as well as photos that are provided by the owner of the home. Then there are rental sites that specialize in listing places to stay while on a holiday. Vocational agencies will normally take care of the reservations and billings on the behalf of the homeowner without they having to be in any contact between owner and tenant. But the rent will tend to be higher here as a commission is charged to the owner by the agent. Also, holiday apartments Queenstown provides are sometimes also offered in packages by tour operators that include flights and car hire as well. This is a great option for guests who do not want to make their own arrangements. It, however, is expensive and the guests don’t have the freedom to select a particular property they want.

What to do before renting

Many travelers fear holiday homes as they claim that while the photos online may appear like paradise, the real properties may tend to disappoint with leaky roofs and blocked views upon arrival. It’s therefore imperative that even as a traveler chooses a home they like online, visit individual websites and read reviews to know the experiences of previous tenants.

Holiday homes have come up to provide the home away from home feel for people on holiday. They offer self-contained services and are especially great for people looking for privacy, and if it’s a large number of people. You can find cheap holiday houses in Wanaka with a little more research. See more at HTTP://WWW.GOODSTAYS.CO.NZ/

Pacific Palms Accommodation for Pets

There is good news for pet lovers. now shows a higher number of pet-friendly hotels for booking in Pacific Palms, Australia. This has made the pet lovers happy as they can enjoy their trips there with their pet. Now, if you are planning to go to Pacific Palms, then you can look for Pacific Palms accommodation that will allow your pet to stay and enjoy the trip with you!

Need for pet-friendly accommodation

Pacific Palms is a tranquil place where you can spend a few days with your loved ones and get rejuvenated to return back to normal routine. There are a lot of attractions like Elizabeth Beaches, Tiona, Smiths Lake, Coomba, and Seal Rocks that have been attracting tourists with their charm. Now, if you too are among them and want to spend a few days there, it is natural that you will love to take your pet along with you. Thus, while you find accommodation in Pacific Palms, you need to choose such accommodation in Pacific Palms that is pet-friendly.

When your pet becomes your family member, you just cannot enjoy with your loved ones leaving your pet at home! This is the main reason that nowadays many people take their pets along with them while they are vacationing somewhere. What they need to ensure is that they have proper permission for travelling with their pet and of course, get a Pacific Palms accommodation that is pet-friendly.

Facilities at pet-friendly accommodation

Pacific Palms is a destination that is not just beautiful but a perfect retreat for you and your family. You can enjoy the national parks or just sit beside the lake and spend time. Now, when you are planning everything in a perfect way for you, it is quite necessary that you plan something great for your pet too!

There are many accommodations that claim they provide pet-friendly Pacific Palms accommodation. However, the truth is something else. They will just give you a few toys and treats for your pet and tell you that it is the best service that you can expect. Actually, it’s not, and hence, while choosing the pet-friendly accommodation you should check the following

·         Check the policy of the hotel that claims to be pet-friendly. If you are booking something online, then it’s necessary that you call them and ask whether they follow the pet-friendly policy.

·         Ask them if there is any limit to the number of pets that you take along with you. Also know whether you need to leash your pet or can leave them open.

·         Know the basic requirements of your pets. For instance, they cannot be aggressive, must not have fleas and should be clean and so on.

·         You also need to know about the facilities they are providing. Check if they will give a pet bed, whether there are kennels, do they provide waste disposal bags for your pets, etc.?

Once you have gathered all information, you can make your booking for Pacific Palms and start your journey to enjoy a few days there.

Ever Thought About Volunteering Overseas? If So, Bali Is Waiting!

Volunteering is a greatly rewarding activity where you dedicate your time, energy, and effort into helping other people that are less fortunate than you. Volunteering overseas is even more profound as you get to visit communities around the world that need this sort of help the most. One of those communities is Bali.

Volunteering Overseas

About Bali

Bali is an island in Indonesia that also doubles up as a province. It’s a great tourist attraction that sees hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to the area every year. Bali has vibrant culture thanks to the deep traditions and customs of the Balinese people, the local cuisine, the friendly locals, the unique mode of dressing, and the predominant Hindu religion. The area also has plenty of tourist attractions such as volcanic mountains, the rice fields, the religious temples, and the beautiful beaches.

Why volunteer in Bali?

As mentioned earlier, volunteering overseas is all about giving back. When you volunteer in Bali, you get to do exactly that. Despite its beauty and culture, Bali is still riddled with poverty with most of the locals hardly managing to get by. As a volunteer, you can help to make the lives of the people of Bali a little less difficult by participating in the different volunteer activities available. As a volunteer Bali will also expose you to a whole different culture and allow you to live as a local in this beautiful part of the world.

Activities to do in Bali

The activities you will undertake in your time in Bali, Indonesia, are no different from what any other person volunteering overseas does. First, you will get inducted into the local community so that you can learn your way about. Next, you will be taught the local language so that you can communicate with the locals fluently. Once done, you will be assigned different volunteer work in programs such as medical care, child care, teaching, refurbishing and building schools, farming, and carrying out environmental work (cleaning and sanitation). On weekends, you and the rest of the volunteers can engage in some fun activities such as visiting the local Balinese attractions.

How it works

Becoming a volunteer in Bali is simple. First, you will need to find a volunteer group to work with. Involvement Volunteers International (IVI) is a good place to start. You can decide to do this alone or with friends and family. Once you find a credible group to work with, you will be required to apply, usually online. You will provide important details such as your identity, your nationality, languages spoken, any medical conditions you may have and how long you wish to volunteer. See more at Involvement Volunteers International

Next, you will need to pay some volunteer fees. These fees will go towards catering to your accommodation, food, and local travel arrangements. The organization you have chosen to partner with will also help you secure a passport, travel ticket, visa, and any other Bali travel documents you may need.

On arrival in the country, someone will pick you up at the airport and take you to the guest house where you will share a room with other volunteers. Once you have settled in, you will wake up the next day and start your volunteer orientation. For more details, just visit HTTP://WWW.VOLUNTEERING.ORG.AU/

A Brief Guide to Sathorn in Bangkok

Sathorn stretches from the Lumpini Park all the way to the river and is generally regarded as one of the most upmarket areas in Bangkok. Many of the city’s trendiest hotels are found here. Apart from the hotels, you can also choose from an array of luxurious upmarket serviced apartments for your holidays if you would prefer a more intimate setting for your holidays. Whatever your accommodation preferences, you can always find a Sathorn hotel that will suit your needs. There is also a great selection of fine restaurants situated here where you can indulge your tastes in great selections of international cuisine as well as local Thai cuisine.

Sathorn is well-connected Bangkok location. There is the Bangkok Skytrain running along the entire length of this road. Two stations are situated here, namely Surasak and Saphan Taksin.  Bangkok is a fairly old city and this is one of the newest parts of the city and over the past few years, it has seen tremendous growth. It is a great location which is situated close to many of the top addresses in Bangkok including Siam, Riverside, Silom and Sukhumvit Road.  In the recent years, it has become a popular address with the city’s expat community, business travelers as well as visitors coming to Bangkok on long stays.

Popular attractions in Sathorn

There are numerous attractions in Sathorn to keep you busy during your stay here. These include the following:

Nahm Restaurant

It has been repeatedly ranked as one of the finest restaurants in the world. The head chef here is a Michelin chef and it serves an array of Thai dishes many of which have been prepared based on ancient recipes with lots of unique flavors.

Kom-Ba-Wa Bangkok

This is a Japanese restaurant in the heart of Sathorn. It is a fairly a new addition and a fast rising culinary address in the district. If you are looking for some variety outside what is offered in your Sathorn hotel, this is a nice destination that you can try out. It is situated on Soi Suan Plu, off the Sathorn Road at the heart of the city’s busy financial district.

Park Society Sofitel Rooftop

If you have been in Bangkok lately, you have probably seen the new rooftop bar craze in the city. This is one of them. Don’t miss out on some of the evening cocktails here.

Eat Me Restaurant Silom

As the name suggests, you can catch some mouth-watering modern international cuisine as well as great drinks here. It is situated in Silom and offers some irresistible servings.

The Capital by Water Library

This restaurant is designed in a classic 1930s New York theme and is one of the finest places in Sathorn where you can grab some affordable steaks.

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

This is one of the newest additions to the Sathorn culinary scene having opened in 2015. Get the best of French haute cuisine that is delicious and prepared meticulously.

Where to stay in Sathorn

You can find a great Sathorn hotel based on your budget as well as preferences. There is a great choice ranging from the top end luxury hotels to the luxury apartments.

Gold Coast Airport Car Hire Facilities Get A Boost With Ongoing Airport Re-Development

The airport authority in the Gold Coast had been trying to bring in a lot of improvements in the airport infrastructure and features since the last year. After appealing to the Australian government, the government approved the developments this year, and announced this on the 12th of February on its website. A lot of developments have been started at the Gold Coast airport, and by 2017 the re-development will be completed.  The airport is preparing for the number of passengers growth from 6 million per year at present to 16.3 million by 2031. This will increase a lot of pressure on the air traffic, air terminals, and the airport car parking, and the Gold Coast airport car hire facilities altogether.

gold coast airport car hire

Things which will be added to the Gold Coast Airport as re-development

To gear up for the future, the airport is being restructured with the addition of several more features and space. The proposed additions are double-sized air terminus, expansion of apron for accommodating 4 aerobridges and 5 aircraft stands. The expansion will also include increased transport facilities on the ground, more area for taxis and car hire, and a nice area covered for accommodating the minibuses, coaches and limousines.

For increasing customer support and passenger comfort, only increasing the flight frequencies and flight numbers will not help. The airport must also increase the main communicating factor, which means the ground transport facility support. Passengers need to come to the airport and park freely, or deport from the airport by getting an easy airport car hire service. If they don’t get these facilities, they will not be comfortable at the airport.

That is why increasing the parking zone and space at the gold coast airport to accommodate the huge number of private cars and taxis, limousines and luxury car, etc. is being done. This will make availing Gold Coast airport car hire facilities and car parking facilities easier, and the huge parking area will let passengers keep their cars for short or long term without having to look elsewhere for parking.

The facilities already available at the Gold Coast airport car parking

Already the car parking zone in the Gold Coast airport has 3 separate zones, and all are really in close proximity to the airport, thus making it an easy walk to the terminus. The 3 parking lots in the airport can accommodate almost 2000 cars at a time, which makes it really easy for the taxis and car rental agencies to bring their cars inside and wait for the passengers who have already booked an airport car hire Gold Coast service.

If you are planning on your trip to the Gold Coast, then you can be sure about a few things. By the end of the year, the airport terminal will be so rich in infrastructure and facilities that the increasing traffic of passengers won’t be disappointed at any point. A huge parking lot and lots of space will ensure all Gold Coast visitors that they won’t have to wait there for their booked car to arrive. With the huge parking available at the airport, the Gold Coast airport car hire facilities will soon be available instantly as cars will be waiting inside the airport parking only.

For more information, visit at

Vilamoura: Places to visit and things to do

One of the most popular and biggest vacation destinations in Europe is Vilamoura in Portugal.  There are so many things to do in Vilamoura that visitors are spoilt for choice. This place has been inhabited for thousands of years since the Bronze Age. However, it started taking its current shape from 1970s by private money. This article talks about the grandeur of the place and things to do here. Read on to find out.

This place is a mixed bag

Vilamoura has a full range of tourist attractions. Regardless of the month or season, it has something for every visitor. Whether you are on a romantic holiday getaway or a traveller with adventure on mind, Vilamoura things to do will never disappoint you. There are unique tours arranged in this place, which will make use of the time you spend here, even if it is as short as a week.  These trips can include bird watching, nature and visits to historical places. Vilamoura and its neighbouring towns boast of flamboyant festivals and various other interesting events. You can include these in your list of things to do in Vilamoura.

There is a place preserved in the heart of the town known as the Roman Site. It has the Museum of Cerro da Vila. You will be provided an intriguing glimpse into the past of the region. This location was important in the Roman times. A fish paste named ‘garum’ was prepared in this area. The ruins of the baths in which the mariners used to bathe are interesting as well. Check at Algarve Family Attractions

Water sport facilities and Nightlife

If you are wondering what to do in Vilamoura other than the above stated, then there is some good news. Water sports enthusiasts are going to have the best time of their lives with a plush range of exhilarating water sports. The beaches are also a haven for holidaymakers looking for a great gastronomic tour owing to the presence of restaurants and food joints in Vilamoura.

A vibrant nightlife awaits you in Vilamoura. With a foot space of 7000 and the best Djs in the world, you will definitely fall in love with the place.

Luxury hotels and golf courses

You will find the best of hotels in this area with a variety of price ranges. Name a facility and you have it exclusively. There are six different types of Golf Courses found in this area. Sport enthusiasts will find a large Marina, lawn bowling clubs along with two grass rinks. There is a tennis Centre, an exclusive sports Club and a shooting club.

As this place is in close proximity with the main airport at Faro being in the middle of the Algarve coast, it is easily accessible.  Apart from the above-mentioned things to do in Vilamoura, you could also go shop for some authentic European souvenirs to take back home with you.

Plenty of adventures are awaiting you at every step in Vilamoura. You are definitely not going back without making some wonderful memories.

Holiday Accommodation at Noosaville Must Complement Your Visit

Sylvia Jeffreys was in the news recently for taking a dip in the sea in Noosa, Queensland, where she showed off her slender figure in a one-piece swimsuit. Well, if you too are looking forward to holidaying in Noosa, wait no further and see how it feels to be around the celebrities. Noosa is among world’s best sea side holiday destinations that attract travellers from Europe, South-East Asia and India. Apart from the golden beaches in Queensland, it has many national parks to offer to its visitors. And all this attracts a lot of travellers to this part of the globe. This is the reason there are lots of Noosaville holiday accommodations available there. All you need to do is book your noosaville accom and have a great accommodation ready for you.

noosaville holiday accommodation

Look for the location of the accommodation

The first thing to check while you look for a noosaville holiday accommodation is its location. The beauty of Noosaville lies in the beaches and the ocean there. Thus, if you choose an accommodation that has a beachfront view, your holidays over there will be great. You can spend your evening sitting in the holiday homes Noosa has and yet enjoy the beauty of the sea.

Apart from that, location of the accommodation is important because if you do not choose an accommodation with good location, you will find that half the enjoyment of your holidays is gone.

Choose an accommodation as per your requirement

In a tourist-friendly place like Noosaville, there are lots of accommodations available. You can stay in resorts, hotels or holiday homes. While the hotels and resorts will remind you of professionalism, any holiday house Noosa has will be perfect for giving you a feeling that you are staying in a home away from home.

If you are going there to spend your time with your loved one, then look for some accommodation that is simple yet romantic. On the other hand, when you are there with your family, you can look for an accommodation that will provide you two to three bedrooms in the same apartment. There are lots of options available there, and you can simply choose one among them.

Enjoy your stay there

You must also remember that Noosa is a place where one goes for relaxation. The 60 kms of river there and the stretch of pristine beaches are best to keep away the stress of daily life and rejuvenate yourself. The accommodation that you choose should be able to provide you that. There are national parks nearby. If you’re there on a tour, you will find that the natural beauty is good enough for making your soul revived.

For all this, it is very much important that the Noosaville holiday accommodation that you have booked has facilities that will make your stay comfortable. And not only comfortable, you must feel free like a bird in your options while you stay there. Get indulged in the beauty of Noosaville and make every moment memorable.

To conclude

It’s true that every place has its own beauty and when you choose Noosaville, you are there to enjoy the natural beauty its offers. Watching the dolphins offshore and touring the river will make your trip great. However, before that what you need most is an accommodation that will make you feel like home.

Limo Rental in Maryland – It is Definitely Luxury Redefined

There are a number of occasions when you wish to use the services of a rent-a-car company. Furthermore, if you are also entertaining a group of people, whether friends or business accomplices, you will need larger cars to ferry them around. In a city like Baltimore, there are companies, which offer services of Limo rental in Maryland. Not only that, they also offer you a wide choice of hiring vehicles, for practically every occasion.

limo rental in Maryland

The Occasions and Choice of Vehicles

The companies that offer limo rental in Maryland also provide a wide choice of cars and SUVs to choose from. It will naturally depend on what you need. How many people are there in your group; do you wish to go out of the city or would you wish to have some fun in the vehicle itself on your way, all will count. You could visit and know what your choices are. The car types, the packages on offer and the other terms are mentioned on the car rental company’s website and you could then get more details and make a booking.

The Limo rental company should be in a position to offer you passenger vehicles which can carry from 4 passengers to as many as you prefer. If it is a small party of business people who are on a serious mission but have to also have a relaxed trip after the working hours, the choice of the vehicle could be quite different as compared with the one you will choose for a large delegation of foreign tourists on a sojourn to Maryland. Whatever your needs are, you can always check out the offers on the various Limos being provided by the rental company. You can, for example, find some useful information here:

Make Sure You Are Dealing with an Actual Carrier

One of the things you need to be sure of while making a booking with the Limo rental company is that they are the original carriers and hold the licence. Not only that, the vehicles are also their own. This is because there are agencies, mainly brokers, who operate as Limo rental agencies and you can land into trouble if there is some issue with the car; if it breaks down or if the driver is not to your liking and so on. You might end up annoying your guest instead of pleasing him/her. The best companies offering services of Limo rental in Maryland take care of all these. First of all, they keep updating their fleet of vehicles. You will find that the oldest model would not be more than 3-4 years old. They ensure that the cars are maintained and cleaned and presented in the best possible way to the customers. They also provide the right kind of training and orientation to their drivers. The drivers from these agencies not only know the different places in and around Baltimore, but are also very polite and co-operative throughout.

Lastly, these operators also provide many additional facilities. Their cars will carry glasses, soda and ice cubes, should you and your guests decide to enjoy a drink on the way. For the full information on what all can be obtained through a Limo rental agency, you could go to the website: and know more.

What Makes Volunteering Abroad a Priceless Experience?

The decision to volunteer abroad would be one of the most exciting, fulfilling and mind-opening experiences you will ever have. It will open your door to a world of new possibilities. In fact, you will be able to see, do and experience things you probably never will have or have in your entire life. Even though volunteering is often seen as a program that will benefit the home country wherein the service is given to, the volunteers (like you) will also reap many benefits.
Volunteer Abroad
To help in your decision to volunteer in Fiji and somewhere else in the world, here are some of the priceless benefits waiting for you:
Explore New Locations/Countries
If you partake in programs for volunteering in Fiji, the first thing that comes to mind is the opportunity to embark in Fiji travel. If you love to travel, it is definitely a worthwhile experience to have. You can visit a new place and experience new things. It is also a great opportunity to mingle with the locals in that country. The best part is that you are not limited to places that are flocked by tourists but visit the ones only a few others can see.
Break From Your Usual Routine
Whether you want a worthwhile vacation, something to do on your gap year, or a professional that wants to try something new, you can volunteer abroad to change up your regular routine. Volunteer programs operate all year round so you should be able to find a program to join in whenever you want to.
Meaningful Experience
There are several people in the world who need help – through monetary or services. If you care about others and want to make a difference in their lives, to volunteer abroad is a great way to make that happen. Even your small effort can make a huge difference in the overall cause that you are trying to support.
Develop Your Skills
As mentioned above, it is not just the locals you are serving that can benefit from your volunteer efforts. You will be given the chance to showcase your skills and develop it. And in doing so, you might even acquire new skills such as improving your social, communication and interpersonal skills. These are qualities that will serve you well long after you have spent time to volunteer.
Explore a New Culture
The prospect of traveling to a new country is always exciting. Most people are excited about the idea of seeing a new place and exploring new attractions. But the immersive experience that volunteering has to offer makes this travel experience unique and memorable. For a certain period of time, you get to live like the locals do. You can immerse yourself in their culture and tradition. This will change you as a person than when you first entered into the volunteer project. You will also gain a new appreciation for other culture, which might be completely different than yours. This is a life changing experience that will open your eyes and make you grow.

Choosing the best 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit

 Bangkok, being the capital and the most populated city in Thailand, has always been a centre of attention for tourists all over the world. Also known as the Venice of the East, Bangkok welcomes more tourists than any other place in the world.   Apart from the importance as a tourist destination, it also enjoys being a primate city and a centre of spiritual, cultural, political and ethical centre for the whole country. Though highlighted for its scorching heat and as one of the most mischievous place, it is safe and co-operative with travellers who flock in throughout the year.When in search for the best 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, you must find a place that’s located in the heart of the city, and is only a 5-minute walk to BTS Asok and Nana providing an easy access to all places of interest as well as having all the modern amenities that make your trip an exquisitely memorable one.

 Few things to look for:

 Anybody who loves to travel and has stayed in any place, would generally look for a warm and homely ambience with all the luxurious features and stylish furnishings.  Staying at Sukhumvit privileges you to connect with the rest of the city as well as to the Suvarnabhumi Airport quite easily.

 While booking a hotel at any place, one certainly envisages well planned, clean and lively rooms embracing energy and vitality with perfectly neat beds and hygienic as well as well-maintained bathrooms. Apart from these if the best 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit comes with a choice of rooms such as Deluxe Chill, Club Chill, Premier, etc., then you can advance a step further in selecting your place to stay. If you book such a hotel, you will get services that are being offered in a first class hotel or resort.

 Other urbanites that will elate you:

 Whether you are visiting Bangkok for a vacation or are on a business trip, an extra convenience always is always welcome, which you will find nowhere else except the best 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit. It would be really interesting if the hotel also has swimming pool, fully-equipped gym and fitness centre, 24 hour reception and free wi-fi service along with restaurants and bar. Not only that, some even provide meeting and conference rooms along with exceptional room service, laundry service, travel and tour assistance, shuttle service, etc.

 Besides if there are any restaurants and shopping places nearby the hotel, then you can take the time out to taste the best Thai cuisine and shop world class goods that would stay with you as a token of remembrance of your stay at Bangkok.

 Now coming to the two most significant concerns of your stay. Firstly, if the hotel offers you heavy discounts for booking on special occasions like Christmas or New Year, or for an early bird, then it will surely let you have a lifetime experience at Bangkok without burning a hole in your pocket and let you have an experience that will linger in your heart throughout your life. Finally, priority should be given to hotels where the staff offers sociable and congenial service, and in case any issue arises, they must handle it with utmost care.  This will make sure that the guests will have the best stay ever.

Peaceful Retreat in the Heart of Bangkok

Known as the city of angels, Bangkok is the ideal destination for enchantment. Whether for business or leisure, the place offers vast array of things to accomplish while on a trip. The myriad attractions, such as the temples, the Grand Palace, museums, and the modern structures sprouting in downtown area manifest that Bangkok is a combination of both modern and centuries old treasures. The place is busy twenty-four-seven so everything you want done can be accomplished in anytime. And if you’re looking for a comfortable place to stay, the Grand Swiss, which is a new hotel on Sukhumvit road in Bangkok is there to grant you a good night’s sleep.

Why Choose the Grand Swiss as your Accommodation?

Innumerable numbers of lodging places were mushrooming since Bangkok is held as Thailand’s economic, political and cultural capital. With that, finding the best place to relax is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Below are the reasons why many travelers select the Grand Swiss as the right place:

·        Easy access to everything. This new hotel on Sukhumvit road in Bangkok offers guests the convenience of staying in close radius to popular shopping malls, highly acclaimed attractions, fast transportations, delectable restaurants offering local and international cuisines, museums and the airport.

·        Peculiarity and Uniqueness. The hotel has a signature pad called the 11th pad. It is a restaurant with mixed nationality options, plus Swiss cuisines as specialty dishes. In the rooftop, a lounge known as the 180 degree is available exclusively for executive class guests. This place offers free-flowing drinks at night.

·        A venue for corporate meetings. The place has function rooms to cater corporate trainings and meetings in a seating arrangement that you may request. For informal meetings, the Davos Restaurant next to the reception area is a superb setting. With its personalized service for informal and formal corporate events, the activity is a sure success.

·        Superb Services and Amenities. Grand Swiss hotel has 144 cozy rooms with beautiful sophisticated interiors, categorized at 5 types. Each room is furnished with wide 40-inch flatscreen TV, WiFi access, an own refrigerator, and a safe for your valuables. Babysitting, laundry or dry cleaning, and concierge services are available. If you wish to spend lazy days within the hotel’s premises, you may plunge in the enticing swimming pool, or read good books by the deck furnished with loungers. To keep you fit even on a vacation, a fitness center is present for guests’ use.

·        Peaceful, safe and secure. The hotel is in the heart of the busy city yet it offers a good and peaceful respite to rest your tired mind and aching muscles. If you want a safe transfer to the airport, there is limousine service available. Along its corridors and public areas, a non-stop 24/7 CCTV cameras operate, plus the manned guarding all day and night.

Although the Grand Swiss is a new hotel on Sukhumvit road in Bangkok, it is now rated 4-star due to the aforementioned facilities and services. Match your joyful itinerary with the best accommodation ever!

How to Make the Most of Your Koh Samui Vacation

Does a trip to a secluded tropical paradise sound like your ideal vacation? If you answered yes, then you should visit Koh Samui in Thailand. There might be several other more popular tropical destinations in Thailand but Koh Samui is a hidden gem that is waiting to be discovered. The island is a haven of tranquil Koh Samui resort ideal for guests who want some peace and quiet from all of the beach clubs and partying scene of Phuket and some other islands. Hence, you can relax in peace and bask in the natural beauty of the surrounding for a rejuvenating vacation.

To make the most of your stay in Koh Samui, finding a tranquil Koh Samui resort is a must. Thankfully, there is no shortage of accommodation options in the island, even for those looking for a luxury stay. In fact, you can find a wide range of accommodation types ranging from beachfront villas, apartments to boutique hotels. Luxury resorts remain as the top option for travelers visiting Koh Samui, though. It is a great way for guests to enjoy the natural scenery of the island while being treated to luxury conveniences such as fine dining, elegant suites and a relaxing spa service. Indeed, you can find all of these services in one place and you do not have to go elsewhere.

But it is also hard not to step out when you are staying at a luxury resort in Koh Samui. The beauty of nature calls for you to step out and immerse yourself in its beauty. For instance, the dainty beaches featuring powder-fine white sands are too inviting not to take a dip or swim. Whether you are reading a book along the shore or getting a tan, you will enjoy every minute of the experience.

You can also get a little bit extreme and go SCUBA diving. Koh Samui is one of the best diving spots in Thailand. Hence, go deeper and experience Koh Samui from another point of view. Experience the rich marine life and beautifully preserved corals up-close.

Depending on where you opt to stay while in Koh Samui, there are also several shops and restaurants that you need to try. And while you are there, take time to visit one of the souvenir shops so you can bring home some relics from the trip. The slow paced lifestyle in the island will invite you to take a step back and experience every moment as they come. In fact, you might just forget the world you left behind. Then, you can end your day with a relaxing massage!

Live a life of relaxation and serenity when you book a trip to Koh Samui. If you can find a tranquil Koh Samui resort, you can also relax in the lap of luxury with the modern conveniences of a spa resort service. Stay at Prana Beach Villas to enjoy the perfect retreat as you indulge in the natural beauty of the island. Check out the beach villas and learn more about what to expect when you book a stay at the resort from their website:

Things to do in Vilamoura

Vilamoura is one of the few destinations in the world that offers a wide array of tourist attractions. Regardless of month or season, you will never run out of things to do in Vilamoura. It is in fact not just a coastal paradise that offers world class beaches, but also one that caters to every type of traveller. Whether looking for a romantic vacation in a top class hotel, an invigorating nature trip, historic sites or more, Vilamora is fully packed with exciting attraction details.

Explore the coastline

Embark on a boat trip and explore the famous resort cities of Europe. Get a heart throbbing experience through the waters and immerse in the sight of the amazing Algarve coastline and sunset. Take a better view of the beaches dotted with caves, hotels, and the friendly dolphins.

For a luxurious holiday, a Vilamoura boat trip will allow you to enjoy nature and have a better scope of Vilamoura from the sea. If you are a holidaymaker, you will certainly enjoy the adventure cruise to the Algarve coastline.

things to do in vilamoura

Along the coastline, there are also caves worth the dive. An Algarve trip along the coastline could take a full day. Fishing villages, sightseeing, and exploring the beaches are just some of the exciting things to do in Vilamoura. Remember, Algarve is the home of dolphins meaning you get accredited boat tours offering dolphin watching.

Nature Trips

If you need an escape from the frenzied pace of the city life, Vilamoura is an ideal destination for thoughtful nature trips. If you love the outdoors, the town will offer many things to do such as letting you enjoy scenic views. Vilamoura nature trips evoke some sought of charm that captures the memory and the imagination.

If you are wondering what to do in Vilamoura, dive into nature trips and get every bit of the picturesque feel. Take a trip along the Algarve coast by boat. Full day cruises enable you to get a taste of the region’s natural beauty. Boat trips offer an excellent sailing experience for families and groups, and also give room to a great fishing experience. Take advantage of the cruises and watch the orange gleaming sunset off the beautiful Algarve coast. In fact, these are the most enthralling things to do in Vilamoura.

Quad bike tours

Aside from other water related activities such as boat tours, take a guided tour to the countryside. Quad biking demands of no driving skills given that they are easy to operate. Quad biking in Vilamoura is about exploring the authentic beauty of the brilliant terrains and the oldest villages.

Gastronomy Tour

The allure of Vilamoura does not just lie on the amazing sea, sun or surf but the seafood too. What better way to explore Algarve than taste the region’s sumptuous delicacies? With the gastronomy tour, Vilamoura things to do could never be better. Taste the famed fine Portuguese wine and then dive into the fresh grilled seafood. Try out a finger licking dish of fish, prawns, and clams served with onions, potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers. With the many dishes and wines to taste along the coastline’s restaurants, your appetite will be fully sated.

Discover 5 benefits you can reap from working overseas

Working abroad is a great way to enhance the skills that you have and learn new ones.  This makes you very attractive to prospective employers since it is an important enhancement to your resume.  In case you are contemplating working abroad, you may either work for a short period such as one year or permanently relocate. Whichever option you go for, there are many benefits of working in America. Some of the benefits include:

Know how to be adaptable

Every country has a unique set of customs, mannerism, and values that employees abide with in workplaces. When you begin to work in a new place, you will require adapting fast. Good examples are the Americans; they prefer getting to the point when conversing to ensure efficiency. Although an abrupt change of working style may be frustrating at times, adapting to the new changes helps you learn to be compassionate, agile, and flexible. It also enhances your sensitivity on how people act in a professional background and shapes you into an all-round person. This adaptability can help you get a job in an interview, and can help you climb ladder in your career.

Good living standard

Working abroad can help you improve your living standard and change your life to a greater extent. Of course you will find life in a foreign country different from that of your home country. If you move to a new country, you will unknowingly change your way of thinking and doing things. For instance, your style of living, dislikes, likes, ambiance, atmosphere, language, food habits, and culture will definitely change.

You may be more appreciated

Although finding a job outside your county may be a daunting task, when you have the skills that the employers are looking for, you stand a better chance of finding a good job abroad. Certain skills are in high demand in some countries. Simply because you seem not to get a job in your country does not imply that you will go through the same ordeal in another country. Some of the jobs in demand overseas may include accountants, engineers, mechanical engineers, chefs, nurses, and doctors. Apart from finding a great job abroad, you will also experience which will help you compete in your homes job market. Check out Camp America

You will have a worldwide network of contacts

The fact is that the globe is being largely interconnected. Working in America offers you the opportunity of building lasting relationship with international professionals in your field. Even after you go back home, you can still cultivate these relationships and incorporate them in your new job.

Learn new languages

Working in America helps one to experience diverse working cultures and religions.  You will also have the opportunity of learning more than one language. For instance, apart from your mother tongue, you may also learn American English, French, or German, depending on the nature of job you are to do.

There is no doubt that working in USA has many great advantages. Even when you have a fulltime job, you should not dismiss the opportunity of working abroad, especially if your current company is buying the idea of you going abroad. The opportunity to work in America rarely comes around and you are likely to do best working in America than your home country.

For more information, visit at


When you set out to explore Sydney, Australia you want to make the most of your trip by experiencing the finest things this beautiful city has to offer. Whether you are taking a few days vacation or a couple weeks on stretch you want to enjoy every moment of your stay. That said, the first priority and perhaps the most crucial thing that will determine the success of your holiday is your choice of accommodation. For most people, their first thought will be to look for a hotel in the middle of the city without knowing that you can get an even better holistic experience by checking into motels in Manly, a suburb just outside the city center.

motels in manly

There is a lot to be desired in Manly motels even though they are just outside Sydney city. Before you go ahead and write-off the whole idea, below are good reasons as to why you should definitely consider booking a motel in Manly on your next exploration to Sydney, Australia.


Firstly, there is a huge price difference between the best motels in Manly and those in the city center. It goes without saying that you stand to pay much more for accommodation in the city than it is to stay at an out-of-town location. For the most part, the high accommodation rates in the city are due to the inclusivity and ease of access to all social amenities and main attractions in the area.

While hotels in the city center are within close proximity to most attractions, it is quite accessible and cheap as well to get to Sydney from Manly as you can use the jet cat or ferry and you will be in the city in no time.


They say you should never compromise your safety for a dollar, well even paying the highest price will not guarantee you a safe stay especially considering how the city is always flooded with people from all walks of life. The last thing you want on your trip is to lose your luggage, get your wallet stolen or get jacked.

In the outskirts of Sydney however, it is calm and accommodating, you wouldn’t be surprised that most people know each other by name. When you live in such a communal setting you will always feel safe and secured even for an evening walk all alone.

Tranquil Accommodation

Let’s be honest, it can be very frantic staying in Sydney CBD. There is so much commotion, noise and distraction that you wouldn’t enjoy especially if you are in a romantic getaway. Motels Manly has to offer on the other hand provide you a quaint atmosphere with breath taking picturesque sight of the Sydney city. Moreover the breeze from the nearby pristine beaches culminates a beautiful rest place after a busy exploration day.

As you can see, there is a lot more that you can enjoy if you choose to stay in motels in Manly. You will enjoy both an exciting accommodation experience and being at the center of all great activities/attractions in Sydney, Australia. Don’t waste any more time, book yourself in to a Manly motel today and enjoy your holidays!

Things to Do During Your Volun-Tourism in Cambodia

What is your idea of a quintessential South East Asian travel? Most probably, there’d be some monsoon rains, rice fields, elephants and sacred Buddhist temples and statues. That is the mass-media image that we have of this destination. But it is much deeper than that. Through new volunteering programs that combine great touristic experiences with volunteer opportunities, or “volun-tourism”, you can get a chance to understand these cultures at a deeper level while making a difference in their communities.

Heading on Volun-Tourism in SE Asia

Through “volun-tourism”, you can discover some of the most iconic South East Asian attractions while doing something that will make a huge difference in the communities that you visit. With the Bamboo travel in Cambodia services, you now have your true ethical volun-tourism partner to make your travels successful and worthwhile.

Making a Difference in a Country Emerging from a Humbling Past

Our image of Cambodia is still tainted with the bloody Khmer Rouge atrocities but there is more to this country than the troubles of the past. The immensity of the beauty and the warmth in Cambodia is simply unfathomable. You can discover this hidden beauty with the Bamboo travel in Cambodia services.

Cambodia is the country of some of the most stunning temples in South East Asia, endless white beaches and the most delicious South East Asian cuisines. Work with a great local partner to help you explore all this beauty while you discover how to share in it momentarily through your charity work.

With Bamboo travel in Cambodia services, this is exactly what you will get. Here is a list of some must-dos if you are planning to “volun-tour” in Cambodia:

Visit the Angkor Wat

No visit to Cambodia is ever complete without a sightseeing tour to the very magnificent Angkor Wat temple. This temple complex was built in the 12th century. Over the years, it has acquired an iconic stature as a centre of Cambodian culture. Some of its most enchanting glimpses can be had during the sunrises and sunsets. The architecture of the Angkor Wat is truly stunning and is guaranteed to take your breath away.

Get on a Bamboo Train

Ever rode on a Bamboo train? Well this is another Cambodian experience that you wouldn’t want to miss. This is one of the most unique train ride experiences in the world and will take you from the O Dambong all the way to the O Sra Lav. The clacking and clicking of the journey will take you past a jungle rail but the bamboo-made train is the most unique aspect of this ride. If another train is approaching from the other direction, your bamboo train will simply be disassembled to make way for the other train before you continue with the journey. It is quite a mindboggling experience!

The Tuol Sleng Museum

Visiting this museum will certainly be a sobering experience during your volun-tourism in Cambodia. If Khmer Rouge comes to your mind whenever you think of Cambodia, then this is the place to learn about its excesses.

Take a Cruise on the Mekong River

Much of the geography of this country is dominated by the mighty Mekong. The river has its sets of attractions and a welcome relief if you are tired of the cramped up public transport services in Cambodia.

About Bamboo Volunteer Abroad Thailand and Cambodia Services

Bamboo travel in Cambodia services can offer you numerous and excellent volun-tourism opportunities which will help you explore the best that this country has to offer really up-close. The ethical tourism company also serves Laos, Nepal and Thailand.

The Bamboo volunteer company in Thailand will offer you great volunteering and tourism opportunities that are well tailored to your unique travel needs and with excellent support services for the duration of your travel. Programs range from agriculture to ecotourism, conservation, education, animal welfare and community development amongst others.

Check out to learn more about the Bamboo Thailand volunteer travel services also serving Cambodia and book your next trip to the South East Asian paradise.

Tips for Excellent Horse-riding Holidays in Canberra

If you are looking for an out-of-this-world, exhilarating holiday experience, then horse riding can be one of your best bets. Horse riding adventure can bring an unforgettable experience, ranging from river crossing trails to safari camping in the mountain huts. In the Canberra, you can get the experience from reliable companies for horse riding Canberra has to offer.

It is an awesome approach to sightseeing and exploring the countryside terrains, as you enjoy the rides in the rugged scenery and rolling hills in the sub-alpine terrains located on Canberra’s Snowy Mountains. While many companies are available to offer horse riding in Canberra, not all companies can offer quality service. Therefore, to get the most rewarding experience, you should identify a reliable company for horse riding Canberra currently has to offer.

What are the benefits of booking a ride with a reliable company?

With a certified company that offers horse-riding services, Canberra horse riding can be a fun-packed social activity for the entire family and an immaculate opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, catch a glimpse of the brumbies, and unwind around campfires.

As you ride through the northern part of the Kosciuzsko National Park, you can experience the amazing landscape that covers the Tantangara Creek, Tabletop Mountain, Currango Plains, and finally the Mount Tantangara that hosts wild brumbies. You can also stop by a stream for trout fishing before you proceed to a grand gold mine where, unbelievably, people have won and lost numerous fortunes. That is just a sneak preview of what to expect when you book a ride with a reliable company.

Here are top benefits of horse riding Canberra has to offer

A time to reconnect

Around the pit fire, it is all in a day’s work as you engage in hearty jokes and tell stories of the day’s activities with your co-explorers. Besides, you can enjoy a warm, generous full dinner. All you are required to do is to kick back and appreciate the exalting feeling of horse riding Canberra has to offer. Read more at Ride Kosciuszko National Park

Outdoor accessories available

In addition to a thrilling riding experience, you get all that you require for the outdoors and riding, including sleeping pads, sustenance, tents, and hard caps. While you would ordinarily carry your own clothes, riding boots, resting sack, and wet climate gear, you are likely to find alternative support such as dozing packs and oilskin coats. Towards the end of safari, you will be picked by the available grand four-wheel drive vehicles, in which the overnight gear such as the riding boots, sleeping pads, and tents are packed.

Expert trainers

Even with little or no experience in horse riding, you are likely to meet friendly guides to take you through all the necessary riding stages. In less than a day, you are confident and enthusiastic on the horseback. So zealous is the training staff that also the expert riders get a chance to refine their riding skills before the safari is over.

As you plan your next vacation, horse riding in Canberra can be as well in your itinerary. It starts with the desire to find horse riding in Canberra. For more information, please visit

Enjoy your holiday in style with unique holiday rentals

These days, many vacationers choose a holiday rental home instead of booking a room in a hotel. This is because the holiday rentals offer all the amenities and guarantee a luxurious stay. Not only that, they are economical too. However, all your programs would be successful only if you get the best facilities that would not impair your stay while on your holiday. Nelson Bay holiday rentals, for example, include the best car rentals that have given people a comfortable and unique holiday experience. People are always advised to inquire about the services offered by the holiday rental company before paying for any service.

Nelson Bay holiday rentals

Types of holiday rentals available

Just like holiday rentals in Nelson Bay, hotel rentals are among the vital holiday rentals. Hotels need to have spacious rooms with free Internet in the rooms.  A king-size bed with a high density mattress needs to be available in the rooms to give the guests a perfect sleep. An ultra-HD TV with Dstv connectivity needs to be available to ensure that guests watch any channel of their choice during their stay. Just as the Nelson Bay holiday rentals, hotels need to be always serviced and cleaned to ensure that environment is conducive for guests.

Depending on the number of people on a holiday, the accommodation size varies. However, all accommodation amenities are self-contained and well-kept to provide a luxurious stay to all people. A fully equipped kitchen is available for those who want to cook. An iron box and ironing board are as well available to facilitate the guests. Since many visitors have no time to wash their clothes, laundry machines are normally installed. The outside environment is normally equipped with swimming pools along with resting shades with exemplary seats where guests can have a rest. Most hotels contain board rooms where people can handle business meetings if they are on a business trip. Every board room is equipped with chairs and tables as well as wall speakers for clarity of the sound and easy hearing.

All hotels must be located at strategic locations where they can be easily accessible through well-built roads. Modern shopping malls and restaurants should be available to ensure that guests get the best outdoor life during their stay. An excellent hospitality needs to be offered to the guests to express how special they are. Security at the hotel, both indoor and outdoor, needs to be reliable for a safe stay during the holiday of the guest. A gym and fitness area should be available in every hotel to make guests relieve fatigue by exercising.

The other category of holiday rentals are cars. Nelson Bay holiday rentalsprovide the best and well serviced cars that are driven by the most experienced drivers. Cars need to be spacious with leather seats and well pimped to express a noble class. In-built air-conditioning system makes these cars usable at any place, regardless of the outside weather. Celebrate your holiday in style by getting the best and cheap Nelson Bay holiday rentals that would not impair any movement or action you do.

For more information on holiday rentals Nelson Bay wide, you can always log on to the internet or ask for references from friends and family. For more information visit

Sukhumvit Hotels—a Safe Haven for Holiday Accommodation in Bangkok

There are many reasons why Sukhumvit hotels stand out as the best accommodation facilities in Bangkok, Thailand. To begin with, accommodation is a top priority for anyone visiting Thailand. At the top of your list is a facility that can offer you the best accommodation possible whether you visit as a group or as an individual. With many hotels of various levels in Bangkok, getting a facility that best meets your needs can be a challenge.

Sukhumvit hotels

However, with the presence of Sukhumvit hotels, you need not worry. The facilities offer serviced apartments that give you the opportunity to enjoy the environment that is home away from home. Whether you are planning a short or long stay in the city of Bangkok, serviced apartments are ideal accommodation havens that will make your stay enjoyable. Here are some of the types of apartments you can book based on your preference.

Studio type of apartments: these are ideal for a nightly stay but offer the basic facilities that you need in a self-contained house. While they offer open plan living design, you have a kitchenette with a stove top to prepare your meals to your standard and a microwave. In such types of accommodation, you can choose the style of bedding configuration: either a king size bed or two king singles. Consult with the hotel management upon booking.

The maximum number of guests for studio types is two. Amenities include air conditioning devices, mini bar, work desk, and a broadband internet access and more. If you are visiting for a short stay, this is the ideal accommodation system, which may also cost less compared to other designs.

One bedroom apartment: also ideal for a nightly stay, but can most preferable if you intend to stay at least a week or more. It comes with a full kitchen and laundry facilities, a separate bedroom from the living area, and a bedding configuration that suits your needs. You can have either a king size bed or two king singles. The maximum number of guests for this type is three with additional amenities available.

Some of the amenities you can expect include air conditioning systems, private bathroom, dining table, and full kitchen and laundry facilities, among others.

Two bedroom apartments: this type of accommodation is ideal if you visit as a family or a small group of people. The maximum number of visitors is five and it has all the amenities you can find in a one-bedroom type. It offers two separate bedrooms with a bedding configuration to suit your needs, either two king beds or four king singles. Some of the amenities you can get include full laundry facilities and separate living and dining areas.

Serviced apartments in Sukhumvit hotels offer more than just what is already mentioned. For example, if you visit for business reasons, you can find a fully equipped conference and boardroom facilities. These can take care of your business needs as well as giving you the opportunity to live as if you are in your home. In Bangkok, Phachara Suites offers the best serviced apartments in the region. For all your accommodation needs in Bangkok, get in touch with them here.


Noosa is a small town located in the Australian state of Queensland in the east coast of the country. The town is to the North of Brisbane and it will take you about half an hour from Sunshine Coast to reach it. It is a great place ideal for holiday going or for picnic escapades too because it has a rather small population and some of the best beaches in Australia. The surrounding of Noosa town is serene and offers tranquility to its residents and visitors too thanks to the environment that is well preserved by the authorities there. You should be able to find a number of good holiday houses and holiday apartments in the town of Noosa. The town is home to some of greatest accommodation venues found in the Australian state of Queensland. The other advantage of touring the place is the fact that these services are available at great and affordable rates too.

Where can you find the best and affordable accommodation in Noosa?

You can find the very best accommodation in Noosa by doing a simple search online for firms that are offering accommodation services in the town of Noosa. While doing this search you should check for the features of the services that the firm is offering like; their rates, meals, their opening times, closing times, the foods they offer, and the general amenities that they offer their clients. If you are holidaying on a budget you will definitely want to find affordable accommodation services. Affordable accommodation services do not necessarily mean that the quality of services offered to a client should be substandard. It means that a client wants affordable but quality accommodation facilities and services. That said after doing an online search on where to get accommodation Noosa you will definitely find a variety of reputable accommodation provision firms in the town. One of these reputable accommodation providers that you can opt for while in Noosa is the Witta circle Noosa heads.

Why choose witta circle Noosa heads for your accommodation needs?

As you know it the town of Noosa has become a great holiday getaway destination in Queensland. Whether you are going on a weekend out or for a few weeks in Noosa you will need accommodation. Witta circle Noosa heads is one of the best accommodation spot in the town that you can bet on while staying in the town of Noosa. With this accommodation service provider you will be able to experience class, luxury but still find that the costs are affordable for you too. Great accommodation does not have to be too expensive for you when you can still easily book accommodation Noosa affordably and still experience luxury and class.

Next time you when you will be considering going to Queensland for holiday or simply want to visit the place to stay for a couple of weeks or even months be assured that you will get the best accommodation services at rates that will be affordable for you. Noosa remains one of the best places for you to stay in the Australian state of Queensland! For more details visit

How to Prevent Volunteer Burnout

Working as a volunteer is not easy. You will be faced with several responsibilities once you step into the country you have chosen to volunteer to. Depending on the location, the situation can range from bad to worst. Although there are many exciting possibilities and rewards that come with your decision to volunteer overseas, the challenges are undeniably present. In some cases, there is a shortage in volunteers prompting others to take on more job than they can handle. This could result in a case called volunteer burnout. It is a serious problem and one that must be addressed or the consequences can be dire.

Volunteer Overseas

If you find yourself suffering from volunteer burnout while in Thailand travel, or want to help someone who is, there are steps you can take to reverse that.

Always Aim to Reconnect

This role often falls on the shoulders of the volunteer coordinator or program organizer. They need to constantly keep in touch with volunteers and reconnect in more ways other than the purpose of volunteering. In some cases, when people travel to Thailand or join volunteer overseas projects, they become overwhelmed. It is important to constantly be reminded that you are making a difference. This is true with volunteers who are given administrative type of tasks. The lack of human touch and connection can make them feel not connected at all, or inefficient at their job. A simple compliment or gesture can go a long way in making others feel like their efforts do matter.

Stay Away from Emotional Roles

If you are one to be easily affected, you might want to avoid taking on roles for volunteer in Thailand that is draining, emotionally-speaking. For example, you would not want to become volunteers of orphaned children or those families without homes. As much as you want to help out their situation, seeing their state can emotionally drain you. This could alter your emotional and mental psyche. While someone must be tough enough to do it, acknowledge your weakness when it comes to these matters. If you find yourself too immersed in the situation, you won’t be able to offer much help to them. However, it isn’t a completely bad idea to acknowledge that you are having difficulties.

Take a Break

No matter how committed you might be with helping the locals as you embark on a volunteer Thailand project, it is important to give yourself a break. It could just be a day or two. Try not to think of anything related to volunteering whatsoever. Give yourself a chance to refresh itself. You won’t realize just how big of a benefit this small break can make to you until you take one. It will be good for your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Give Rewards or Recognition

It is important to appreciate or give notice to the efforts made by people who volunteer overseas. This is not to say that all of these people want to be acknowledged. However, it is a nice gesture to let them know that they are part of something valuable and meaningful. There is no need to give a gift – a simple recognition will boost anyone’s spirit and morale.

How Your Hotel Could be Losing Revenues to the OTAs

A lot of hotel marketers generally assume that once they have integrated their systems into the global distribution systems, then they are good to go. However, as it has been proven time and again, this is the wrong approach to hotel marketing in the age of the internet. Hotels need to do more than just post their latest rates in various leading online travel agencies (OTAs) by incorporating their own online booking software.

Relying on the OTAs mean losing your margins by surrendering a significant chunk of the revenues to the OTAs through the commissions regime. It is necessary to rethink this strategy and invest in a more robust branded website and website booking engine. There are hotels that have already incorporated online booking software, but they are not using its advantages to the fullest. They may have branded websites which are not highly appealing, are static and are not optimized for the search engines and the user experience.  Some do not even care to promote their own products and services on their websites in spite of the presence of the various tools and features which are provided by the online booking engine vendors. These are tools that they can use to their advantage in order to increase direct bookings on their branded websites and capture 100% of the revenues. Some do not use these tools, but they apply them in the wrong way which results to very low impact and success rates.

These little challenges mean that many of these hotels are going to concentrate their efforts marketing with the OTAs. They use these channels as a means of increasing their visibility and availability to their customers. Many OTAs are also recognizing the advantage they have in the industry and are investing in more robust technologies in order to stay on top of the bookings game and keep the hotels and other travel providers dependent on them.

The situation, however, is not hopeless for the travel providers. One way through which they can increase their competitive advantage is by beginning to think like the OTAs. They can increase their investments in technologies such as online booking software and generate their own revenues without over-reliance on the OTAs. Apart from investing in the booking software, they can also increase their investments in order to increase their rankings and acquire more traffic. Encouraging direct bookings enables these travel providers to save big on those hefty commissions while also cultivating the loyalty of their customers in their brands.

Building your own marketing channel cuts costs but also enables you to be more productive and profitable in the online travel market. It allows the travel and accommodation providers to build a revenue management culture and closely understand the buying behavior of their customers. They can use this data and insight in order to tailor more products that will appeal to them and respond to their needs. They will be able to easily segment their customers and set up the rates and packages which cater for the various market segments. Accommodation providers, for example, will determine the kind of guests that stay at their facilities and create targeted packages which allow them to sell even more products and bring in more revenues.

GAP Year in the Philippines: A Hidden Gem Uncovered

Looking for GAP year programs somewhere fresh and exciting? What could you possibly do in the Philippines? Most GAP year programs in Southeast Asia only focus on countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, or even Nepal. However, there is one hidden gem uncovered for your itinerary if you are planning to volunteer abroad any time soon.

volunteer abroad

The relative obscurity of the Philippines in the GAP year volunteering circuit is primarily due to its location, which raises the issue of easy accessibility – hence, the cost of accessibility to numerous volunteer opportunities in this country. In the volunteer overseas circle, the Philippines is one country that is off-the-beaten track.

That is about to change as there are steady streams of volunteers streaming to the Philippines now, exploring fresh volunteer opportunities and looking for ways to make a difference in the country. One factor that attracts volunteers to this country these days is the dropping costs of air travel. Thus, the country is no longer an expensive volunteer abroaddestination.

Additionally and especially after the Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, many international NGOs are now avidly marketing the country as an attractive volunteer destination. Volunteers not only look for ways to make an impact in Filipino communities, but also for ways to have a good time. With an increase of spending on the country’s greatest attractions, many volun-tourists are now discovering what a gem the Philippines truly is when it comes to volunteering opportunities.

The Philippines also offers plenty of advantages, especially if you are looking for structured volunteering opportunities in Southeast Asia. As such, the country has a very hospitable population, as well as full of English-speaking people. Thus, you are likely to find an easier time volunteering here. Moreover, the Philippines is one of the warmest countries in the world. You will be amazed by the warmth of welcome when you come to this country.

Furthermore, there is the natural beauty of the Philippines – with plenty of marine attractions and activities that you can indulge in. You can also explore rich cultural and historical heritage when you volunteer abroad in the Philippines.

Where can you make a difference in the Philippines?

The country has a serious income inequality. Thus, there are numerous underprivileged communities where you can make a positive impact with your skills and energies. Up to 33% of the Filipino population lives below the poverty line. Many families here are, therefore, unable to access basic education, health care, and social welfare programs.

There are plenty of volunteer Philippines programs related to public health areas, where you can work to improve the lives of people who are in need. Nutrition programs are also areas where you are likely to get lots of volunteer opportunities.

Naturally, these might be cut out by many GAP year volunteers. Hpwever, you will also find many of the general projects that usually attract GAP year volunteers. These include programs such as child welfare, orphanages, conservation, and community development projects.

Volunteer Philippines programs are no longer costly. With structured programs offered by organizations like Involvement Volunteers International, costs now range from $450 for one-week specialty placement programs to $3830 for four-month specialty programs. Standard placements are also available, which are way cheaper.

Learn more at on the volunteer fees for GAP years in the Philippines.

Top volunteering destinations in Thailand

Thailand has always been a hotspot for tourists and travelers. Thailand offers amazing coastlines and picturesque sights. The culture of the country welcomes travelers with delectable cuisines and hospitability that is unparalleled across the Asia Pacific region. Thailand is alluring as it offers adventurous trails, exotic locations and a culture worth exploring. If you are looking forward to volunteer work overseas you should consider Thailand. Taking a gap year from your routine will allow you to help those in need for a full year.


Where would I be volunteering in Thailand?

When it comes volunteer work you can do numerous things in Thailand. The volunteer programs in Thailand can take you to numerous destinations in the country. From Islands to villages in farfetched areas of the wonderful country you could do immense amount of work in your gap year.

You might work in Singburi which is found 142 km away from Bangkok. The town was created in pre historical times when it was formed from three different towns namely Sing Buri, In Buri and Phrom Buri in 1895. The scenic town happens to be right on the bank of The Chao Phraya River. So expect amazing sights when you are volunteering here.

Another location that volunteers often go to work in Thailand is Ko Samet. This also happens to be near Bangkok. What will make this location interesting is that it is an island. This means while you are volunteering here during your gap year, you will be able to enjoy the quintessential Thai beach lifestyle.

You can also work at Mae Sot which is a melting pot of different cultures and languages. Here you can get a taste of Thai, Karen, Burmese and Chinese languages as natives descend from different ethnicities. The town doesn’t has much population. While working here as volunteer remember to visit the curious wildfire sanctuary. The jungle nearby will also attract the adventurer types.

Wang Nam Khiao is another destination where volunteers are needed. It is located right in the middle of Thailand and is renowned for its ecological treasures. You will find many sights here like waterfalls, lush green forests and hills. You can also catch exotic wildlife in the areas surrounding Wang Nam Khiao.  The best part is that you can find most of these in Khao Yai National Park.

Those that love history and want to visit historic places will be delighted that volunteer programs offer you to work in Umphang. This is a pre historical town that offers not only incredible mountain sights and scenery but also insight into traditions and culture that is thousands years old. The town has numerous lakes where you can fish and enjoy memorable boat rides. The area is known to be home for elephants that are common sight for those living in Umphang.

For those willing to volunteer Thailand has much to offer. There are numerous programs that cater to different people and their aspirations to volunteer. All you have to do is select the program, carry out the necessary paperwork for travelling and you can make a real impact in Thailand.

7 Easy Ways to Experience the Tropical Paradise

The idea of going for a long term rental Phuket offers for adventurers in Thailand is totally not out of reach! The exotic beaches, cuisine, nightlife, and other attractions just might be the fresh break you need. To make your stay in Phuket is as enjoyable as possible, check out these tips to get the most out of living in that tropical paradise.

  • Figure out what sort of lodging you want, where you want it to be, how long you will be staying, what you will mostly like to do while in Phuket, etc. Knowing exactly what you want makes finding and settling on a place so much easier.
  • Do you want to stay in a little cottage or do you prefer being in an apartment or condo-style place? Do you want to live right beside the sea or prefer staying on top of a hill for a great 360-degree view? Are you going to be out and about a lot, exploring places? If so, you might want a simpler place that’s easier for you to maintain.
  • The best way to see if a place suits you is to physically view it yourself. Don’t settle for less than reasonably sanitary living conditions, for the last thing you want is to get sick when you deserve to just relax and explore the island.
  • Phuket, despite being a popular tourist destination and, therefore, has most if not all modern conveniences, is still a part of a developing country. That doesn’t mean you should compromise your health and safety though. Avoid places with faulty plumbing, besieged by insects, and situated beside factories, smelly sewer systems, neighborhoods that make you uncomfortable, etc.
  • Aside from seeing that everything about your prospective long term rental Phuket accommodates, you should also feel good about it! This means you can see yourself staying comfortably in it for a long time. The feeling of belongingness is non-negotiable for an enjoyable stay, and each day you are in Phuket, you will feel more at peace when at the end of each day you go back to a place that is a home away from home.
  • Once you’ve settled on long-stay lodgings, make sure that you read and understand the terms of the contract properly. If possible, get it checked by a lawyer. It will help you be aware of what you can and cannot do!
  • Keep a copy or two of your contract safely tucked away and ready to be taken out when needed. You don’t want to find yourself accidentally violating a term just because you thought your bedroom could do with some redecorating or the garden trees some pruning!
The many condos and houses for rent in Thailand just means you are spoilt for choice, and with the tips above, you won’t have to get confused and will end up picking the best place for you. And once you’ve settled comfortably and are ready to experience your long term rental Phuket has, then sit back and relax. Everything is set for you to enjoy everything the island has to offer.

The Nasa Vegas: A Boutique Budget Address in Bangkok

When people are walking into a hotel in Bangkok, some of the big considerations are the pricing of the hotel’s cuisine, rooms and other services. People are looking not just for a good stay but also great experiences. The conventional thinking is that you cannot get great experiences when you are shopping for a budget hotel Bangkok option. That when you are not paying premium value, you can only do with some Spartan accommodation that guarantees you of the very basic and does not have to give quality service and treatment during your stays.

Well, your perception is about to change with one budget hotel Bangkok accommodation that offers it all-the price and the luxury. This budget boutique hotel offers you luxurious comfort and a great location to die for. The Nasa Vegas Hotel Bangkok is situated close to the main transport connections in the city and is only a heartbeat away from all of Bangkok’s best attractions.

One of the main feature of this budget hotel Bangkok accommodation is its great location. It is only a few minutes from the Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link station which will take you directly to the international Airport in Bangkok. This station offers a convenient link to the Bangkok Skytrain or the BTS as well as the Subway Systems or the MRT. With these excellent transport connections, guests at the facility can have a convenient access to virtually everything under the sky of Bangkok including the tourist attractions, entertainment spots, dining places, and the Bangkok central business districts.

Indeed many guests have cited the hotels proximity to the airport and the railway station as one of the biggest advantages that the hotel has over its competition. The hotel has different packages in terms of accommodation. These packages are designed to serve different customers that have different tastes and preference as well as different budgets for their hotel accommodation. These make the Nasa Vegas a very affordable place to stay because there is a package to suit every budget.

Bangkok is a major tourist destination and therefore the clientèle at Nasa Vegas is very varied and a mix of different cultures. They are customers with very demanding standards and who require an incredible level of detail in their accommodation. As a result, you can look forward to a world-class service at this establishment without disappointments. The hotel also serves its guests a variety of cuisines that include the European, Chinese and Thai dishes. It is a gourmand’s dream come true and you can experiment with various tastes and culinary delights offered here.

If you are in Bangkok for business, you can take advantage of the great business and conferencing facilities which are offered at the hotel. All the rooms are equipped with the state-of-the-art business facilities and technology that allows you to conduct business and meetings with relative ease. There are plenty of other recreational amenities at the hotel including the fitness centre, squash court and snooker. and the aerobics centre.  All these make for a five-star quality in a budget accommodation. The Nasa Vegas provides the best value for money for visitors in Bangkok.

Tips on Booking the Best Hotels near Wembley

When looking for the best hotels near Wembley, you can make your first point of call in order to find something that appeals to your precise tastes.  There is something for everyone when you are looking for quality accommodation close to the two Wembleys.  From the 2* to the luxurious 5* or even unique boutique accommodation options, you will certainly find something that is perfectly suited to your taste. You can therefore settle down to watching your favorite match in relative comfort during your visit to Wembley.

Best Hotels Near Wembley

The advantage with the best hotels Wembley options is that the guests do not have to worry much about beating the crowds when rushing to watch a match.  Most of these accommodation facilities are situated within a few minutes’ radius of both the Wembley Stadium and the Wembley Arena. Here are some important tips that you can put into consideration when looking for the best hotels near Wembley:

Check out the hotel reviews

Reviews are always quite accurate and give you a very clear picture on what to expect from the accommodation facility. A great place to read some of the best and most recent reviews on the Wembley Stadium and Arena hotels is TripAdvisor.  Filter the reviews carefully and choose those reviews that have been submitted by the solo leisure travelers or the business travelers. These tend to- be accurate.  One way to gage the quality of the accommodation is by reading the negative reviews about a particular hotel accommodation and determining if there is a common thread that most guests are complaining about.

Go for a one-stop shop

A hotel that is a one-stop shop makes your accommodation a lot easier. Check if the hotel offers you the whole package including an on-site restaurant, bar, spa facility, health club, meeting rooms, conference centres and coffee shops amongst others. If you will need specific amenities during your stay, book hotels in Wembley that offer all these under one roof. It will make your accommodation less stressful.

Are Complimentary Shuttle Services Available

These might come as a la carte service or the price may be bundled into the room price but they make your stay a lot more convenient. The advantage with these is that you do not have to worry about renting a car during your stay or some taxi services which come with their own inconveniences.

Is Free Unlimited Wi-Fi Available

Wi-Fi access may seem like a small cost during your accommodation but these costs eventually add up when you will be staying longer and accessing the internet for a long duration of time. Check to ensure it is not capped otherwise you may have to grapple with some surprise fees!

Pricing Considerations

This is also an important factor. You may be looking for cheap hotels in Wembley or some of the luxurious accommodation options available here. Search the internet for the best deals and do not be afraid to bargain with the hotel sales representatives so as to get the best deal possible out of the market. It is important to keep in mind that the room costs are never fixed and you can always find a lower rate. For additional information on the best hotels near Wembley, check out

Indulge Your Tastes in Some of the Finest Restaurants in Silom

Often dubbed the Wallstreet of Thailand, Silom is the place where Thai money is in constant move. It is Thailand’s most famous financial district, lined with banks, insurance companies, investment companies, hedge funds and various other local and global businesses minting money in various sectors. It is, therefore, no accident that you will find some of Bangkok’s best hotels also situated here. The range of the Silom hotel accommodation varies widely.

There are luxurious hotels, international hotel chains, small boutique hotels, apartment accommodation and many others. If you are planning to explore its gastronomical side, then there are plenty of restaurants around here for the avid gourmand. The district is also known for its roaring nightlife at Patpong which has a somewhat seedier reputation. Some call it the true face of Silom once the air of respectability in the financial world has sunk with the sunset.

Thanks to its myriad culinary delights which serve everything from the Thai cuisine to various international cuisines, there are plenty of restaurants in Bangkok and Silom in particularly where you can indulge in the finest of tastes. If you are staying at a good Silom hotel, the finest Thai restaurant could be right at your doorstep. Here is a brief overview of some of the best restaurants in Silom.

Paris Bangkok

Situated in Silom Soi Sala Daeng 1, this is the place to get some of the finest French cuisines. It is popular with the French and the staff is just too nice. The restaurant has good décor and ambience and the food is utterly magnificent. You can have some delicious oysters and lobsters here and there is also the scrumptious steaks waiting for you. If you have exhausted the menu in your Silom hotel, why not try this out? Being a French restaurant, you can also expect that the wine selection at the restaurant is truly awesome with a magnificent variety. The beef at the restaurant has been cooked to perfection. Some call it the best French experience in the East!


Kongju is one of the best places to try out the Korean delicacies. There are plenty of the Kin-Chi offerings here including a variety of 50. There are many other important foods that you can try out in the menu. The best thing about the Kongju is that you can even try out the a la carte menu option. There are many traditional Korean specialties which are served here such as the PaJeon and the traditional Korean BBQs. Dining here can be a little bit inconvenient, but there are waiting staff who can assist you along the way in order to have a smooth dining experience.

The Spanish on 4

From the Korean and the French to the Spanish. Your gastronomical odyssey in Silom continues. The Spanish on 4 is situated in Silom Soi 4 and is the best place to sample some of the Spanish treats in Silom. The restaurant offers a very intimate dining experience with a very “Spanish” feeling. There is an actual Spaniard in charge at the kitchen and you are thus assured of authentic Spanish flavors with nothing being lost in translation.

The Beccofino

Situated in Sukhumvit Soi 55, this is the place to sample out the Italian cuisines. The owner is an Italian and all the food is fresh and produced from scratch. You can also have some of the finest pizza in Bangkok at this restaurant. If you prefer, choose a la carte menu and have it prepared to you to the last detail.

Bangkok offers numerous options for a gourmand. Whatever you fancy, you will find it right here. You will be able to indulge your taste buds in some of the finest treats in the world. Do not be limited to what is offered at your Silom hotel.