5 Highlights of Touring Cambodia, Vietnam and China

Tourists taking trips to Asia can explore the marvels of human effort and architecture in a couple of ways. They can for instance include a number of key countries in their list of GMS Mekong tours. These include Cambodia, China and Vietnam, where tourism keeps thriving and opening up to the western world.

Cruising along the Mekong River

One can for instance cruise the Mekong River in-between banks of lush green jungle beginning from Vietnam to Cambodia. The Cruise takes you through attractive scenery and floating villages and markets. It offers a somewhat up-close and personal taste of the everyday livelihood of locals along the Mekong.

Gazing at the Great Wall of China

Indeed, the Great Wall of China offers yet another amazing aspect that taking a GMS Mekong tour affords tourists to Asia. It comprises of a series of towers and walls measuring over twenty thousand kilometers in length. Parts of this wall that was built all across northern China to protect its borders against invaders have dates as far back as the 7th century BC. The larger section of the wall got reconstructed within 14th century in the time of Ming Dynasty. All in all, the wall provides an outstanding example of how early mass construction took place. As such, it is easily the most popular attraction in mainland China. Many of its best preserved sections are in fact near main tourist cities and locations. A lot of myths and rumors have been formed around it too.

Unearthing the Terracotta Army

The Terracotta Army is a captivating World Heritage Site of UNESCO of 3rd century BC by date that was buried underneath the ground until its discovery in 1974. The army of more than 8000 soldiers, 520 horses, 130 chariots and 150 cavalry horses still getting uncovered, was buried alongside Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China, as a talisman for protecting him in the afterlife. Numerous weapons of time including crossbows, swords, axes and shields have so far been discovered in the ongoing excavation, along with giant, individually handcrafted warriors.

Exploring the Angkor Wat Temple Complex

Angkor Wat is the largest global temple complex. Originally a Hindu temple built in early of 12th century, this Cambodian landmark is vast and offers a good example of Khmer architecture. Visitors to Cambodia are attracted to the temple, which is not only a feature of the national flag, but has also inspired a large number of movies and novels.

Visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels found in Vietnam comprise a complex sequence of booby trapped underground hideouts, tunnels and rooms. The Viet Cong utilized these during the Vietnam War, being strategic for combat, supply routes, makeshift hospitals communication as well as hiding spots. The undetectable tunnels are very well camouflaged and were an important factor that contributed to military success during the war. These tunnels are today open to tourists and offer great insight into the barely livable conditions which fighters had to endure, at times for days on end.

Asia has a unique place in the globe and enjoys a rich spread of intriguing sites for anyone to tour. Taking an expedition of GMS Mekong tour operators offer is a commendable way of discovering why it has been the focus of ancient heroism, struggle as well as modern achievements and triumphs.

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