What You Need to Consider When Hiring Your Conference Venue in Pattaya

Your guest list and invitations are in order. But do you have the right venue to fit your guests and suit your conference needs? Selecting the right venue for a conference can be a nightmare especially if it’s your fist time. The venues for conference Pattaya provides are many and diverse in style, size, location, facilities and cost. Prior to selecting your venue sit and evaluate all your conference needs. What do you intend to achieve from the conference? Is there a particular impression you want to create to the participants? These among other considerations should be made in order to acquire a conference Pattaya venue best fit for you.

They are discussed below:


The conference venue should be located in a convenient and accessible place. The location is quite imperative as it determines the level of attendance. If the attendants have to travel daily to the conference, choose a place near their residence.  This will prevent people from getting lost, late arrivals and failure to attend. Ensure the place is accessible by public mean of transport to make it easy for those using these means. If the guests take flights to and from the conference, get a venue near the airport.

The location speaks volumes about the agenda of the meeting. A conference room locates at a back street community center does not portray the interests of professionals. A location near shopping centers or tourist attractions is betters. The guests can visit these places during their free time.


Look for a conference venue with modern, technologically advanced facilities. Gone are the days when people to carried their own projector, public address system, white boards and stationery. A good venue should provide all these facilities as well as facilities for disabled people. Before you hire the venue, ensure that all the equipment are operational and in good order.

Food and drinks

You need to organize for food and beverages for the guest considering that they will be spending long hours in meetings. Any issues with catering might leave a permanent negative impression about your conference. Consider a hotel that prepares great cuisines. Is it possible to organize special recipes with the chef specifically for your meeting? Are they able to prepare diet restricted meals? Visit the hotel before commencement of the conference and have a glimpse of the type and presentation of food offered by the hotel.


Conference Pattaya venues vary considerably on their charges. These discrepancies arise based on level of services, facilities offered, location, and size of meeting rooms, among other things. The venue you choose should have a cost that is within your budget. Before you even start looking around for the venue, come up with a budget that suits you. This will allow you to make a focused selection. Since you are aware of the kind of place you need, you are less likely to miss out on bookings.

Do not be in a rush when selecting your conference venue. Start planning early so as to have as many options as possible. When selecting the venue always give priority to the interests of your guests. Select a venue that will create a positive impression.


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Top Four Things to look out for in your Holiday Destination

Let’s face it, holidays can be pricey adventures. Whether you are going solo or as family, for several days or a number of weeks, you can spend many thousands of dollars. Nevertheless, taking time off your normal routines and the usual environment to a far off holiday destination is possibly the best way you can treat yourself and your family. The trick is in finding a place where you will get the best experience out there and the most out of your money. Kangaroo Island offers exactly that. The Kangaroo Island accommodation at Seadragon Lodge, for instance, offers a package that is far beyond the expectations of their visitors. Let’s put into perspective the four major things you should look out for in a holiday destination to make sure that the experience is worth your time and money.


Kangaroo Island accommodation at Seadragon Lodge is a perfect example of what a holiday accommodation should provide. There should be more to your accommodation facility than just the bed, it should have something extra to add on to your fun basket. What amenities do they offer? Do they have a spa where you can get a gentle massage or maybe a swimming pool where you can dive in and cool off after long days of excursions? If you are a fan of the premier league, you might want a place with cable TV so you won’t be left behind by the action. Of great importance when traveling with young kids is the availability of fun facilities for children – perhaps a kid’s pool and club.


Well, one thing you cannot plan for during a vacation is the weather but at least you can make a prediction based on the prevailing season. Is it going to be summer, winter or raining during the time of your travel? This will give you an indication of the kind of clothing to carry. You might also want to consider the weather impact on your health or those traveling with you. The rainy or snowing seasons might not be favorable for little children or people with certain medical conditions such as asthma.


The safety of your holiday destination is something you need not overlook. Research on the current security status of the place. Although it is difficult to correctly predict every eventuality, you might want to check out for any trends of consistent danger. Visit government’s websites for warnings and alerts about specific areas. Also be on the lookout for trends and spikes in crime, civil unrest, health risks and environmental concerns like seasons of high-risk like hurricanes.


Find out the realities of day-to-day life in your travel destination. Also research about the hurdles you might encounter during your stay. One of the important things you might want to consider is the national language. Can you cope in a country where most of the people can’t speak in English? How developed is the country’s infrastructure in terms transportation networks, currency exchange and internet services?

 Kangaroo Island accommodation at Seadragon Lodge is not only worth your money but a great memory to take back home.  Visit us at http://www.seadragonlodge.com.au

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A guide on finding the right holiday apartment in Queenstown

Evercore estimates the global addressable holiday rental market as worth 100 billion dollars with two-thirds of the market “for rent by owner”. Port Douglas in far north Queensland was the best holiday spot to own an investment property with owners estimated to get up to 7.77 % in returns. But what is a holiday rental? Well, it is actually the renting of a furnished apartment or house or a resort-condominium that is professionally managed on a temporary basis to tourists. The holiday apartments Queenstown wide are a popular travel option in Australia and have spread across the world too.

Types of accommodation

The holiday apartments Queenstown has are usually in properties that are privately owned. These include villas, cottages, apartments, condos etc. that have been fully furnished. Also, farm stay is another rental accommodation that is located on a farm. Travelers or people on holiday book holiday homes for a particular period of time. Usually, people are charged on a weekly basis as opposed to hotels where you will have to pay on a night basis. There are holiday houses in Wanaka that fit into many budgets. You will find affordable studio apartments or even lavish private villas that are costly. Also, some come with amazing amenities, including private beaches, chefs, boats and swimming pools. There are camper vans and motor-home rentals as well.

How to get one

The Wanaka holiday houses are usually arranged either directly by the owner or by contacting an agency over the Internet. While many owners have their own websites, most also use listing services that provide property information as well as photos that are provided by the owner of the home. Then there are rental sites that specialize in listing places to stay while on a holiday. Vocational agencies will normally take care of the reservations and billings on the behalf of the homeowner without they having to be in any contact between owner and tenant. But the rent will tend to be higher here as a commission is charged to the owner by the agent. Also, holiday apartments Queenstown provides are sometimes also offered in packages by tour operators that include flights and car hire as well. This is a great option for guests who do not want to make their own arrangements. It, however, is expensive and the guests don’t have the freedom to select a particular property they want.

What to do before renting

Many travelers fear holiday homes as they claim that while the photos online may appear like paradise, the real properties may tend to disappoint with leaky roofs and blocked views upon arrival. It’s therefore imperative that even as a traveler chooses a home they like online, visit individual websites and read reviews to know the experiences of previous tenants.

Holiday homes have come up to provide the home away from home feel for people on holiday. They offer self-contained services and are especially great for people looking for privacy, and if it’s a large number of people. You can find cheap holiday houses in Wanaka with a little more research. See more at http://www.goodstays.co.nz/

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Pacific Palms Accommodation for Pets

There is good news for pet lovers. TripAdvisor.com now shows a higher number of pet-friendly hotels for booking in Pacific Palms, Australia. This has made the pet lovers happy as they can enjoy their trips there with their pet. Now, if you are planning to go to Pacific Palms, then you can look for Pacific Palms accommodation that will allow your pet to stay and enjoy the trip with you!

Need for pet-friendly accommodation

Pacific Palms is a tranquil place where you can spend a few days with your loved ones and get rejuvenated to return back to normal routine. There are a lot of attractions like Elizabeth Beaches, Tiona, Smiths Lake, Coomba, and Seal Rocks that have been attracting tourists with their charm. Now, if you too are among them and want to spend a few days there, it is natural that you will love to take your pet along with you. Thus, while you find accommodation in Pacific Palms, you need to choose such accommodation in Pacific Palms that is pet-friendly.

When your pet becomes your family member, you just cannot enjoy with your loved ones leaving your pet at home! This is the main reason that nowadays many people take their pets along with them while they are vacationing somewhere. What they need to ensure is that they have proper permission for travelling with their pet and of course, get a Pacific Palms accommodation that is pet-friendly.

Facilities at pet-friendly accommodation

Pacific Palms is a destination that is not just beautiful but a perfect retreat for you and your family. You can enjoy the national parks or just sit beside the lake and spend time. Now, when you are planning everything in a perfect way for you, it is quite necessary that you plan something great for your pet too!

There are many accommodations that claim they provide pet-friendly Pacific Palms accommodation. However, the truth is something else. They will just give you a few toys and treats for your pet and tell you that it is the best service that you can expect. Actually, it’s not, and hence, while choosing the pet-friendly accommodation you should check the following

·         Check the policy of the hotel that claims to be pet-friendly. If you are booking something online, then it’s necessary that you call them and ask whether they follow the pet-friendly policy.

·         Ask them if there is any limit to the number of pets that you take along with you. Also know whether you need to leash your pet or can leave them open.

·         Know the basic requirements of your pets. For instance, they cannot be aggressive, must not have fleas and should be clean and so on.

·         You also need to know about the facilities they are providing. Check if they will give a pet bed, whether there are kennels, do they provide waste disposal bags for your pets, etc.?

Once you have gathered all information, you can make your booking for Pacific Palms and start your journey to enjoy a few days there.

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A Brief Guide to Sathorn in Bangkok

Sathorn stretches from the Lumpini Park all the way to the river and is generally regarded as one of the most upmarket areas in Bangkok. Many of the city’s trendiest hotels are found here. Apart from the hotels, you can also choose from an array of luxurious upmarket serviced apartments for your holidays if you would prefer a more intimate setting for your holidays. Whatever your accommodation preferences, you can always find a Sathorn hotel that will suit your needs. There is also a great selection of fine restaurants situated here where you can indulge your tastes in great selections of international cuisine as well as local Thai cuisine.

Sathorn is well-connected Bangkok location. There is the Bangkok Skytrain running along the entire length of this road. Two stations are situated here, namely Surasak and Saphan Taksin.  Bangkok is a fairly old city and this is one of the newest parts of the city and over the past few years, it has seen tremendous growth. It is a great location which is situated close to many of the top addresses in Bangkok including Siam, Riverside, Silom and Sukhumvit Road.  In the recent years, it has become a popular address with the city’s expat community, business travelers as well as visitors coming to Bangkok on long stays.

Popular attractions in Sathorn

There are numerous attractions in Sathorn to keep you busy during your stay here. These include the following:

Nahm Restaurant

It has been repeatedly ranked as one of the finest restaurants in the world. The head chef here is a Michelin chef and it serves an array of Thai dishes many of which have been prepared based on ancient recipes with lots of unique flavors.

Kom-Ba-Wa Bangkok

This is a Japanese restaurant in the heart of Sathorn. It is a fairly a new addition and a fast rising culinary address in the district. If you are looking for some variety outside what is offered in your Sathorn hotel, this is a nice destination that you can try out. It is situated on Soi Suan Plu, off the Sathorn Road at the heart of the city’s busy financial district.

Park Society Sofitel Rooftop

If you have been in Bangkok lately, you have probably seen the new rooftop bar craze in the city. This is one of them. Don’t miss out on some of the evening cocktails here.

Eat Me Restaurant Silom

As the name suggests, you can catch some mouth-watering modern international cuisine as well as great drinks here. It is situated in Silom and offers some irresistible servings.

The Capital by Water Library

This restaurant is designed in a classic 1930s New York theme and is one of the finest places in Sathorn where you can grab some affordable steaks.

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

This is one of the newest additions to the Sathorn culinary scene having opened in 2015. Get the best of French haute cuisine that is delicious and prepared meticulously.

Where to stay in Sathorn

You can find a great Sathorn hotel based on your budget as well as preferences. There is a great choice ranging from the top end luxury hotels to the luxury apartments.

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Choosing the best 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit

 Bangkok, being the capital and the most populated city in Thailand, has always been a centre of attention for tourists all over the world. Also known as the Venice of the East, Bangkok welcomes more tourists than any other place in the world.   Apart from the importance as a tourist destination, it also enjoys being a primate city and a centre of spiritual, cultural, political and ethical centre for the whole country. Though highlighted for its scorching heat and as one of the most mischievous place, it is safe and co-operative with travellers who flock in throughout the year.When in search for the best 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, you must find a place that’s located in the heart of the city, and is only a 5-minute walk to BTS Asok and Nana providing an easy access to all places of interest as well as having all the modern amenities that make your trip an exquisitely memorable one.

 Few things to look for:

 Anybody who loves to travel and has stayed in any place, would generally look for a warm and homely ambience with all the luxurious features and stylish furnishings.  Staying at Sukhumvit privileges you to connect with the rest of the city as well as to the Suvarnabhumi Airport quite easily.

 While booking a hotel at any place, one certainly envisages well planned, clean and lively rooms embracing energy and vitality with perfectly neat beds and hygienic as well as well-maintained bathrooms. Apart from these if the best 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit comes with a choice of rooms such as Deluxe Chill, Club Chill, Premier, etc., then you can advance a step further in selecting your place to stay. If you book such a hotel, you will get services that are being offered in a first class hotel or resort.

 Other urbanites that will elate you:

 Whether you are visiting Bangkok for a vacation or are on a business trip, an extra convenience always is always welcome, which you will find nowhere else except the best 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit. It would be really interesting if the hotel also has swimming pool, fully-equipped gym and fitness centre, 24 hour reception and free wi-fi service along with restaurants and bar. Not only that, some even provide meeting and conference rooms along with exceptional room service, laundry service, travel and tour assistance, shuttle service, etc.

 Besides if there are any restaurants and shopping places nearby the hotel, then you can take the time out to taste the best Thai cuisine and shop world class goods that would stay with you as a token of remembrance of your stay at Bangkok.

 Now coming to the two most significant concerns of your stay. Firstly, if the hotel offers you heavy discounts for booking on special occasions like Christmas or New Year, or for an early bird, then it will surely let you have a lifetime experience at Bangkok without burning a hole in your pocket and let you have an experience that will linger in your heart throughout your life. Finally, priority should be given to hotels where the staff offers sociable and congenial service, and in case any issue arises, they must handle it with utmost care.  This will make sure that the guests will have the best stay ever.

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Enjoy your holiday in style with unique holiday rentals

These days, many vacationers choose a holiday rental home instead of booking a room in a hotel. This is because the holiday rentals offer all the amenities and guarantee a luxurious stay. Not only that, they are economical too. However, all your programs would be successful only if you get the best facilities that would not impair your stay while on your holiday. Nelson Bay holiday rentals, for example, include the best car rentals that have given people a comfortable and unique holiday experience. People are always advised to inquire about the services offered by the holiday rental company before paying for any service.

Nelson Bay holiday rentals

Types of holiday rentals available

Just like holiday rentals in Nelson Bay, hotel rentals are among the vital holiday rentals. Hotels need to have spacious rooms with free Internet in the rooms.  A king-size bed with a high density mattress needs to be available in the rooms to give the guests a perfect sleep. An ultra-HD TV with Dstv connectivity needs to be available to ensure that guests watch any channel of their choice during their stay. Just as the Nelson Bay holiday rentals, hotels need to be always serviced and cleaned to ensure that environment is conducive for guests.

Depending on the number of people on a holiday, the accommodation size varies. However, all accommodation amenities are self-contained and well-kept to provide a luxurious stay to all people. A fully equipped kitchen is available for those who want to cook. An iron box and ironing board are as well available to facilitate the guests. Since many visitors have no time to wash their clothes, laundry machines are normally installed. The outside environment is normally equipped with swimming pools along with resting shades with exemplary seats where guests can have a rest. Most hotels contain board rooms where people can handle business meetings if they are on a business trip. Every board room is equipped with chairs and tables as well as wall speakers for clarity of the sound and easy hearing.

All hotels must be located at strategic locations where they can be easily accessible through well-built roads. Modern shopping malls and restaurants should be available to ensure that guests get the best outdoor life during their stay. An excellent hospitality needs to be offered to the guests to express how special they are. Security at the hotel, both indoor and outdoor, needs to be reliable for a safe stay during the holiday of the guest. A gym and fitness area should be available in every hotel to make guests relieve fatigue by exercising.

The other category of holiday rentals are cars. Nelson Bay holiday rentalsprovide the best and well serviced cars that are driven by the most experienced drivers. Cars need to be spacious with leather seats and well pimped to express a noble class. In-built air-conditioning system makes these cars usable at any place, regardless of the outside weather. Celebrate your holiday in style by getting the best and cheap Nelson Bay holiday rentals that would not impair any movement or action you do.

For more information on holiday rentals Nelson Bay wide, you can always log on to the internet or ask for references from friends and family. For more information visit http://www.holidaysportstephens.com.au/.

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How Your Hotel Could be Losing Revenues to the OTAs

A lot of hotel marketers generally assume that once they have integrated their systems into the global distribution systems, then they are good to go. However, as it has been proven time and again, this is the wrong approach to hotel marketing in the age of the internet. Hotels need to do more than just post their latest rates in various leading online travel agencies (OTAs) by incorporating their own online booking software.

Relying on the OTAs mean losing your margins by surrendering a significant chunk of the revenues to the OTAs through the commissions regime. It is necessary to rethink this strategy and invest in a more robust branded website and website booking engine. There are hotels that have already incorporated online booking software, but they are not using its advantages to the fullest. They may have branded websites which are not highly appealing, are static and are not optimized for the search engines and the user experience.  Some do not even care to promote their own products and services on their websites in spite of the presence of the various tools and features which are provided by the online booking engine vendors. These are tools that they can use to their advantage in order to increase direct bookings on their branded websites and capture 100% of the revenues. Some do not use these tools, but they apply them in the wrong way which results to very low impact and success rates.

These little challenges mean that many of these hotels are going to concentrate their efforts marketing with the OTAs. They use these channels as a means of increasing their visibility and availability to their customers. Many OTAs are also recognizing the advantage they have in the industry and are investing in more robust technologies in order to stay on top of the bookings game and keep the hotels and other travel providers dependent on them.

The situation, however, is not hopeless for the travel providers. One way through which they can increase their competitive advantage is by beginning to think like the OTAs. They can increase their investments in technologies such as online booking software and generate their own revenues without over-reliance on the OTAs. Apart from investing in the booking software, they can also increase their investments in order to increase their rankings and acquire more traffic. Encouraging direct bookings enables these travel providers to save big on those hefty commissions while also cultivating the loyalty of their customers in their brands.

Building your own marketing channel cuts costs but also enables you to be more productive and profitable in the online travel market. It allows the travel and accommodation providers to build a revenue management culture and closely understand the buying behavior of their customers. They can use this data and insight in order to tailor more products that will appeal to them and respond to their needs. They will be able to easily segment their customers and set up the rates and packages which cater for the various market segments. Accommodation providers, for example, will determine the kind of guests that stay at their facilities and create targeted packages which allow them to sell even more products and bring in more revenues.

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7 Easy Ways to Experience the Tropical Paradise

The idea of going for a long term rental Phuket offers for adventurers in Thailand is totally not out of reach! The exotic beaches, cuisine, nightlife, and other attractions just might be the fresh break you need. To make your stay in Phuket is as enjoyable as possible, check out these tips to get the most out of living in that tropical paradise.

  • Figure out what sort of lodging you want, where you want it to be, how long you will be staying, what you will mostly like to do while in Phuket, etc. Knowing exactly what you want makes finding and settling on a place so much easier.
  • Do you want to stay in a little cottage or do you prefer being in an apartment or condo-style place? Do you want to live right beside the sea or prefer staying on top of a hill for a great 360-degree view? Are you going to be out and about a lot, exploring places? If so, you might want a simpler place that’s easier for you to maintain.
  • The best way to see if a place suits you is to physically view it yourself. Don’t settle for less than reasonably sanitary living conditions, for the last thing you want is to get sick when you deserve to just relax and explore the island.
  • Phuket, despite being a popular tourist destination and, therefore, has most if not all modern conveniences, is still a part of a developing country. That doesn’t mean you should compromise your health and safety though. Avoid places with faulty plumbing, besieged by insects, and situated beside factories, smelly sewer systems, neighborhoods that make you uncomfortable, etc.
  • Aside from seeing that everything about your prospective long term rental Phuket accommodates, you should also feel good about it! This means you can see yourself staying comfortably in it for a long time. The feeling of belongingness is non-negotiable for an enjoyable stay, and each day you are in Phuket, you will feel more at peace when at the end of each day you go back to a place that is a home away from home.
  • Once you’ve settled on long-stay lodgings, make sure that you read and understand the terms of the contract properly. If possible, get it checked by a lawyer. It will help you be aware of what you can and cannot do!
  • Keep a copy or two of your contract safely tucked away and ready to be taken out when needed. You don’t want to find yourself accidentally violating a term just because you thought your bedroom could do with some redecorating or the garden trees some pruning!
The many condos and houses for rent in Thailand just means you are spoilt for choice, and with the tips above, you won’t have to get confused and will end up picking the best place for you. And once you’ve settled comfortably and are ready to experience your long term rental Phuket has, then sit back and relax. Everything is set for you to enjoy everything the island has to offer.
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